After creating custom payment systems in-house at previous companies and realizing the pain of keeping these ad-hoc solutions up to date, we started asking how other businesses were handling their business-to-business payment needs. 

We spent 9 months conducting over 300 customer development interviews and came up with a framework to build the simplest way to send and receive B2B payments. Few years later, we have a product that we are proud of and a healthy list of happy customers, but we are really just getting started. 🏁 🚀

We are a small, but quickly growing engineering first startup with our team working remotely from a city they love! 📈

Our environment encourages intellectual curiosity, problem solving, and openness—one that provides the support and mentorship needed to succeed, learn, and grow. We’ll make sure you have everything you need to do your best work and make an impact. 

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