The position.

At Root, we’ve reimagined car insurance to make it smarter, more equitable, and a better experience for all. Using technology in smartphones, we’re able to measure driving behavior to give our customers the prices they deserve.

As the Senior Content Designer (UX Writer) at Root, you’ll collaborate with product designers, product marketing, product managers and engineers to craft and deliver simple and intuitive experiences to our customers. You’ll use language and apply voice and tone to find ways to help customers discover, understand and join Root. 
Content Design is a new discipline within the Product Design org and you’ll be the main contributor to shaping what it means and how it functions at Root. This role will report to the Senior Director of UX/ Product Design.

Root is a “work where it works best” company. Meaning we will support you in working in whatever location that works best for you across the US. We will continue to have our headquarters in Columbus and offices in other locations to give more flexibility and more choice about how we live and work.

Who you are.

You are a pragmatic visionary.
You can think big, go wide and imagine many possibilities. You’re comfortable in ambiguity and know when to put your feet on the ground and execute on reality. You set solid strategies based on research and data and find opportunities where others might not see it.
You are a thoughtful generalist.
You design from start to finish. This means working with your partners in product management to define problems, brainstorming solutions, iterating on wireframes, and having a keen eye for communication design. You’re comfortable working closely with engineering throughout development to ensure the final product reads as good in the hands of our users as it did on your screen.
You deeply empathize with customers.
You put every effort into understanding what our customers need. Your background gives you a strong gut about how to solve problems for users. What you don’t know, you learn through qualitative and quantitative research, analyzing previous test results, competitive analysis and whatever other tools are at your disposal.
You solve business problems.
You internalize business needs and ship product which solves those needs. You understand how to focus on a core hypothesis and don’t get distracted by features that detract from that goal.
You have strong opinions, loosely held.
You express your opinions passionately, but are equally open to changing those opinions in the face of new data. You are a respectful debater who challenges your colleagues to consider alternative viewpoints. 
You bias toward action.
You think the best way to validate a hypothesis is to try it out, so you skip longwinded debates and get to building a solution. You recover quickly from mistakes by applying those learnings to your future work. You work your way to the future through shipping projects which build larger ideas.

What you'll achieve.

  • Apply human-centered design methodologies to provide hands-on writing for product teams
  • Translate Customer Problems into big ideas, information architecture, and content strategies
  • Work as a partner with product designers and product managers to develop hypotheses and test plans that solve customer problems
  • Develop scalable language frameworks and coach teammates to upskill the team's overall writing skillset
  • Go deep on the work, providing concepting, content strategy, and writing from early ideation through final execution
  • Write compelling, user-friendly copy that guides the user and embodies the voice of the brand
  • Write in-app (UI) copy like onboarding screens, end-to-end flows, error messages, buttons, and tooltips
  • Process the results of A/B tests and user research to iterate on written content
  • Partner with Design and Brand to evolve Root's guidelines and standards

What we're looking for.

  • You have 7+ years of experience in product/UX writing, content design, and/or content strategy that demonstrates positive impact to the end user and business
  • A customer champion and practitioner of human-centered design methodologies with a deep understanding of digital product development
  • Proficiency collaborating with design teams in Figma, Sketch, or equivalent design tools
  • Experience creating and applying style guides and related artifacts to help others write successfully
  • You can switch between the macro: big picture thinking of business and customer needs, and the micro: the specific moments of an experience and how it impacts what people do and feel
  • Ability to collaborate with partners in marketing, product management, and engineering through the whole product lifecycle
  • Strong communication and negotiation skills
  • High attention to detail; comfortable independently multitasking and prioritizing projects in a fast-paced work environment

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