Senior Data Engineer
HQ: Columbus, Ohio

The engineering team at Root strives to be one of the most transformative engineering teams ever. We’re changing the way an industry works by leveraging technology and data to build the best products possible. Even with our significant growth, we operate in small teams that are given ownership over projects and results. We’ve found that the people closest to the problems are the best at solving them. We’re actively hiring Engineers remotely and excited to announce that Root is a “work where it works best” company. Meaning we will support you working in whatever location that works best for you across the US. We will continue to have our headquarters in Columbus and offices in other locations to give more flexibility and more choice about how we live and work.

Our Data Warehouse team has become a central part of the analytics process.  We gather data from across the organization and from third party vendors to help answer critical business questions.  Our team prides itself on being able to blend software engineering with fundamental Data Warehousing concepts. We often take advantage of tools that aren’t typically found in Root’s software stack, but we approach these tools with the same solid engineering principals. Our goals include simplifying complex data, offering high performance, and ensuring that we deliver data on time to our analysts.

The Root Engineering tech stack includes:

  • Ruby / Rails backend, RSpec for testing
  • Javascript / React Native frontend, Jest for testing
  • Small amounts of native iOS and Android
  • Small amounts of Rust for high performance use cases
  • Deployment to AWS ECS using containers
  • Buildkite for CI

The Data Engineering team tech stack includes:

  • AWS Redshift
  • AWS Glue, Athena, Kinesis, Step Functions, Sagemaker, Lambda, and other Cloud Technologies
  • Cloud infrastructure management through Terraform
  • Ruby / Rails backend, RSpec for testing

Our team excels at delivering software to solve the problems in front of us at Root: presently, a suite of world-class mobile, web, and server-based products obsessed with the customer experience. We’ve shaped our team and process around this; we know that constant iteration and experimentation produce the best results.

For more information on engineering at Root see

We divide the areas of responsibility for engineers into three major areas:
Technical: The skills and knowledge that make up an engineer’s basic problem-solving toolbox.
Planning and Execution: The ability to plan and execute assigned work beyond basic technical solutions.
Working with Others: The ability to work effectively with other engineers and people in other functions.

What you’ll achieve.

  • Work with product, actuarial, and engineering teams to understand and scope new features for our environment
  • Design & develop data structures that support downstream analysis
  • Design & develop sustainable, fast ETL processes using SQL
  • Provide peer review for teammates on their change requests
  • Create processes to identify, prioritize, and illustrate data quality issues and remediation efforts.
  • Design solutions which help us to reach our overall goals
  • Help to ensure data quality and meet data delivery SLA’s

What we’re looking for.

  • 5+ years of experience
  • Experience with Root’s Data Engineering tech stack
  • Excellent SQL skills. Ability to transform data without the use of an ETL tool
  • Experience using version control tools like Git
  • Familiarity with programming languages like Ruby or Python
  • Familiarity with DevOps & Agile processes
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Can complete large pre-planned tasks in an efficient manner
  • Able to take on medium unplanned feature work and bugfixes

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