Senior Software Engineer, DXE (Developer Experience Engineer)
HQ Location: Columbus, OH

The engineering team at Root is changing the insurance industry by leveraging technology and data to build the best products possible. Even with our significant growth, we operate in small teams that are given ownership over projects and results. We’ve found that the people closest to the problems are the best at solving them. We’re actively hiring Engineers remotely and excited to announce that Root is a “work where it works best” company. Meaning we will support you working in whatever location that works best for you across the US. We will continue to have our headquarters in Columbus and offices in other locations to give more flexibility and more choice about how we live and work.

The team.
The Productivity team ideates create, manages, and maintains tools utilized by the engineering organization to enhance the development, quality, and deployment of the organization's technical deliverables. We are a small, focused, and rapidly growing team with an abundance of growth and impact opportunities. 

We build our tools with Ruby, React, Rust, Postgres, Docker, AWS, Buildkite, and a variety of in-house tools. As our organization grows, new ideas and toolsets are required to coordinate and enhance the outcomes our engineers can achieve.  While our larger engineering team creates the insurance infrastructure of the future, our Productivity team delivers the toolbox 

The Role - Developer Experience Engineer (DXE).
Our engineering organization needs Developer Experience Engineers, who ensure every Root engineer has the right tools, processes, and environment to maximize productivity and create the greatest business value possible. The DXE is a foundational component of an engineering team's success. They make it easier for engineering teams to focus on their highest purpose and generate the most value by solving, automating, and eliminating the daily toil developers encounter. The Productivity team is dedicated to unlocking a new level of delight and experience for the engineers we serve.

How we accomplish these lofty goals:

  • Building higher level abstractions and components that developers can easily incorporate into their projects.
  • Optimize the build, merge and release cycle (CI/CD) to deliver best in class quality and speed to market.
  • Create, manage and maintain self-service tool sets that enable autonomous teams to focus on business value instead of daily toil. 
  • Rich sample applications that developers can use as building blocks or starting points
  • Help build our Developer Platform, for use by engineers across the organization. 
  • Design and implement easy to use tools and reusable components, making thoughtful tradeoffs between consistency and availability when both are not possible.
  • Work cross-functionally with our product teams, *many* other engineering teams, and partner developers to design and implement our developer platform.
  • See the big picture to design fault-tolerant systems so the team can be brave, move fast, and not break things, without ever showing a negative impact to customers.
  • Take input from and work with our engineering community on productivity projects and contribute to other projects as appropriate.

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