Rocket Academy

Rocket Academy is a selective and comprehensive online coding bootcamp that aims to be the world's best software engineering school. In August 2021 we closed US$1.1M in pre-seed funding from top investors in Singapore, Indonesia, and the United States.

Our flagship course is Software Engineering Bootcamp, a 6-month full-time or 12-month part-time course where 100% of graduates have gotten software engineering jobs within 6 months of graduation. Rocket only accepts high-calibre students to Bootcamp, and applicants must complete Rocket's free Coding Basics course or have equivalent experience. Course material is crafted and delivered by experienced engineers and educators.

Rocket's courses run a flipped-classroom format where students review material before attending live classes over Zoom. Each class consists of clarifications and exercises led by a section leader (SL), with 1 SL per 10 students on average.

Our current focus is Singapore and we plan to expand more deliberately to Hong Kong and Australia by 2022 and the United States by 2023. We are currently serving students from countries across Southeast Asia.

Current Job Openings


Head of Education
Singapore - Remote
Software Curriculum Developer
Singapore - Remote



Coding Bootcamp Instructor
Singapore - Remote