Road to Hire Apprenticeships

Road to Hire envisions an America where every young adult has career opportunities that promote economic mobility, regardless of his or her ability to pursue traditional higher education.  Our mission is to dramatically expand professional development opportunities for motivated young adults.

Road to Hire is a nonprofit organization that provides unemployed and/or underemployed young adults with paid workforce development training and job placement support. 

In our Road to Hire Apprenticeships, we’re looking for talented, tech-hungry high school graduates who are looking to break into the fields of cyber security, coding and web design without a college degree! Being is tech isn’t easy, but you’ll be given access to world-class resources to learn and polish your craft.

The apprenticeship will involve virtual hands-on training, self-instructed online courses, and personalized mentorship. Apply now to jump-start your career in technology!

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Current Job Openings

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