Ride Health

Ride Health partners with healthcare organizations and transportation providers to strengthen enterprise transportation programs and drive intelligent transitions of care. We blend technology and data with a human approach to break down access barriers and solve some of the biggest transportation challenges that care coordinators, providers, and payers face. Our platform maps out each patient’s unique needs and preferences for the best ride experience across clinical and social needs, ensuring greater access, improved efficiencies, lower costs, and better outcomes.

As Ride Health expands its 27+ state presence, we are looking for mission-driven individuals to help scale our operations. Join us in ensuring every patient, everywhere, has access to the care and resources they need to ensure good health.

Current Job Openings

Client Services

Director of Customer Success
New York, New York


Quality Assurance Lead
New York, New York
Software Engineer
New York, NY





Data Analyst
New York, NY

Ride Operations

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New York, New York