Hi, we’re Ribbon. We make homeownership achievable. 

We Fight Inequality in Housing to Create Communities of Belonging. We unite in service of our mission to make homeownership achievable for everyday families.  The place of home is a place of memories, a sense of communal belonging and a path to financial freedom.  We are driven to make this accessible to all people and will fight the complexities and systemic inequalities that stand in its way.  We pledge to deliver a delightful and equal customer experience, nourished with simplicity, certainty and community to provide value that exceeds the magnitude of the milestone itself. 

Ribbon is a place of belonging, where everyone can do their best work and grow. We are people inspired to improve the lives of others. We take a people-centric approach and create a work community that inspires a place to openly express who we are, grow as authentic individuals and find purpose in what we do.  We celebrate all the ways in which we are different and there is no place for discrimination in Ribbon’s community of belonging.  Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is foundational to who we are and what we believe.  DE&I is a path to leveling the playing field and directly aligns with our mission. 

We don’t enable homeownership to make money.  We make money to enable homeownership. We have a moral imperative to be as large and sustainable as possible. If we don’t achieve sustainability or scale, there will be families that we are unable to help. To build a sustaining fight to solve our long-term mission, we must be economically sound and well organized.  We must understand the trade-offs that we are making and its impact on our short and long-term sustainability. This requires us to be highly adaptive, built on speed, resourcefulness and urgency.

Current Job Openings

Customer Success


Growth Operations

Valuations Specialist
Charlotte, North Carolina


CRM Manager
New York, New York


Senior Technical Recruiter
New York, New York

Product and Design

Product Designer
New York
Senior Product Manager
New York, New York