Rhino is charging into the real estate space to unlock over $190 billion in cash security deposits. We are building products, like our affordable insurance policy, to put money back in renters' pockets.

As Head of Legal at Rhino, you’ll join an accomplished team in a leadership role, helping us build the foundation of a company that is revolutionizing the renting process. 

Stepping into a role that is crucial to our growth, you will: 

  • Be the primary internal company counsel for our rapidly growing organization, reporting directly to our COO. 
  • Manage outside corporate counsel and counsel for related business areas; we have several legal partners that support us in various capacities. You will be in charge of managing and directing them. 
  • Conduct or coordinate research into legal questions and issues that are brought up by the business as we seek to solve problems in new ways.
  • Draft, negotiate and approve contracts across a wide array of disciplines (partnership agreements, vendor contracts, nondisclosure agreements, employee agreements, etc.).
  • Work comfortably in a variety of legal disciplines, including insurance, real estate, privacy, intellectual property, e-commerce, employment and corporate law.
  • Assist with the structuring and closing of venture deals, both debt and equity related. 
  • Identify and consult on legal risks in connection with our expansion plans and development of new products. 
  • Serve as lead counsel on strategic deals, resolving issues that arise in existing commercial relationships, and handling pre-litigation legal disputes and inquiries. 
  • Assist with other technology issues involving e-commerce, including online and mobile sales, marketing, and customer self-service tools; social media; big data; and privacy/data security.

We’re ideally seeking:

  • 5+ years’ experience practicing law, with a minimum of 3 years at a law firm.
  • 3+ years’ experience negotiating contracts with software vendors, distribution partners, and other service providers, and advising on legal issues relating to e-commerce and privacy.
  • Experience working at a relatively early-stage tech company on a small legal team, as a primary or sole contributor, is a major plus. 
  • A strong ability to multitask, balancing several disparate tasks and projects at a given time. 
  • Some knowledge of the venture financing process. 
  • Experience overseeing and directing legal partners, contractors, external counsel, etc. 
  • JD and state license to practice law.

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