What is Repeat?

Repeat makes it easier to buy again from brands you love online. We work with CPG (consumer packaged goods) brands to turn 1st time shoppers into repeat customers. 

We make that possible by creating personalized carts that are specific to what a shopper has purchased in the past and what is due to be reordered soon. Its all about speed and ease for the customer. 

We believe in showing what we are about over talking about it. So, go ahead and check out an example from Huron.

Our Company Values


When problems arise, we focus on solutions instead of fault. Every employee at Repeat should feel empowered to address issues they encounter and create the company where they want to work.

Everyone has meaningful equity - we succeed or fail together.


Kindness is paramount, and being nice is dangerous. We strive to sustain an atmosphere of trust and candor where opposing ideas are valued, and debates are frequent and compassionate.


Our company is growing quickly, along with our user base and codebase. We take advantage of change and maintain anti-fragility with a commitment to curiosity and data-driven decision making.

We believe in career development as an extension of self-development — and vice versa.

The Role

To date Repeat’s marketing success has come from deep connections with our existing customers and our commitment to fostering a community of CPG brands. Where we have fallen short is our ability to create content in a way that draws people in through search and points people to our website specifically. 

This role is all about creating written content for our site that inspires, is worth sharing and draws people in to learn more. That can come from highly optimized content to help establish our domain authority for SEO or by creating content that has not yet been seen in the ecom and CPG industry. Thoughtful research, an angle that has never been covered before, etc… 

This role is not about pumping out as much content as you can. It's about creating content that our ideal customer wants to consume. The way we bring that to life could be blogs, reports, or crazy ideas like children's books for CPG founder’s kids.

Ultimately, you want to create content that makes Repeat easier to find and easier to understand.



Above we listed ownership as a core value which is why this section is more to guide what your day to day could include. The right person for this role will be able to look at the goals and create their own list of responsibilities. 

Own our written content strategy 

No one will be handing you a content calendar here. That is up to you. Discover what the market wants to learn and what's entertaining and turn that into a written content plan.

Turn strategy into action

Every member of the Repeat marketing team is a strategist and tactician. You own the strategy but you are also responsible for turning that plan into the content yourself. 

Repurpose content being created in other channels

We are already creating a ton of content off site for our podcast and community. There is a big opportunity in turning this into discoverable content on our site.

Build an audience around your content

Creating content that brings people to the site is great. Building an audience around that content with a subscribership and frequent updates is excellent. 

Improve how our blog operates

You might be looking for our blog right now. Because we have not yet had someone devoted to it we have kept it semi-hidden. But here it is. We want you to help us improve this experience that people have with our written content. You will get to shape what the blog becomes.


You Have

  • A strong understanding of SEO principles
    • You know all the tricks to make a post appealing to the Google gods
  • An ability to sniff out the terms and words we can rank for
    • You know your way around SEO tools to find what we can rank for
    • You also know how to measure whether what we create is working
  • Passion for dissecting what makes content that people love to read
    • You love to read and keep a swipe file of your favorite reads 
    • You always find yourself trying to figure out why you like what you do
  • Balance about your approach that ranks but not at the expense of the reader
    • You know that great content is not for Google or the reader its for both
  • The chops to build your own content
    • You have familiarity with a CMS (Ghost, Wordpress, Hubspot, Contentful)
    • You have familiarity with a CRM (Salesforce, Hubspot, Pardot)
  • An eye for detail 
    • Tell me if I made any mistakes here :) 

Success in This Role Looks Like

You make Repeat easier to understand and easier to find. 

The content you create generates interest in the topics that Repeat cares deeply about (retention, reordering, customer experience, and community). That interest turns into demand for Repeat as a product over time.

Your work also draws more eyes to Repeat through organic search.


Some ways you can measure that:

  • Domain authority
  • Inbound leads
  • Organic traffic to the site 


  • Working at a high-growth VC-backed startup where work-life balance is important
  • Budget to shop at some of our awesome brands we work with
  • Competitive salary & equity
  • Flexible work hours
  • Flexible working location: we’re a hybrid team, so you have the option to work from home and/or work out of an awesome on a startup campus in Marina Del Rey
  • Healthcare, Dental, Vision Insurance (covered)
  • Vacation is encouraged (and unmetered)
  • 401K

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