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Remote is solving global remote organizations’ biggest challenge: employing anyone anywhere compliantly. We make it possible for businesses big and small to employ a global team by handling global payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance (learn more about how it works). We're backed by A+ investors and our team is world-class, literally and figuratively, as we're all scattered around the world. Please check out our public handbook to learn more about our culture. We encourage folks from all ethnic groups, genders, sexuality, age and abilities to apply. If this job description resonates with you, we want to hear from you!

How we work

We love working async and this means you get to do your own schedule.

The Remote Engineering team uses a simple approach to productivity and task management and you can read more about it in The Remote Flow.

We empower ownership and proactivity and when in doubt default to action instead of waiting.

The position

This is an exciting time to join Remote and make a personal difference in the global employment space as a TechOps Specialist, joining a world-class TechOps team. This is an opportunity to become a massive part of all the day to day workings in the team, building out a new approach to IT within a business.

What is TechOps?

TechOps is a slightly different way of looking at the problems and solutions that normally sit with a traditional internal IT role. We’re obsessed with ensuring our fellow Remoters can do the best work of their lives, we have a mantra about how TechOps should function:

Be invisible when you can be and unmissable when you should be.

Specifically, TechOps is a function that should be automating away every possible process they can, across every team we interact with. We should spend our time working on problems like “Automating onboarding responsibilities so TechOps are no longer involved” rather than “Managing the manual workload of all the upcoming onboarding tasks”.

What’s a senior specialist?

A senior specialist is a chief architect of the solutions to the problems you find! You're someone who can leverage their deep technical knowledge to delight Remoters and remove TechOps from a process or seamlessly fix a systemic problem. You're also a wonderful human to be around, as genuine and caring as you are understanding and empathetic.

As a senior, your role here at Remote is as much one that you define yourself as one that will be set for you. You'll be provided with the tools needed and let loose to do your best work in the way you believe is best. You'll have a team around you to provide feedback and a leader to help guide overall strategy but we don't believe in micro-managing excellence.

What does growth look like in this role?

This is still a department that is less than 1 year old and is currently around 2.5 people. That means that this role is absolutely instrumental in shaping the future of Remote and how we do IT. As a key part of this early team you'll be defining approaches and processes that will persist for years and define the future of how tech is handled here.

If you want to take this as an opportunity to mentor and teach there will be plenty of scope here with an ever-expanding team you can take this as an opportunity to grow into a people manager should you wish.

If instead you'd like to take the opportunity to develop into a world-beating IC champion Remote will entirely support that as a completely valid alternative with a parallel but differing career path. You'll have the chance to specialise and deeply understand the technical ins and outs of every tool and see that reflected in the progress and responsibility you're given.

Regardless of where you want the role to go, you'll be working with an absolutely massive breadth of tools, people and problems which will give you everything you need to become the absolute best version of yourself.

Key responsibilities

  • Leading decision-making on foundational principles and products for the Internal IT function at Remote.
  • Working day-to-day on technical problems Remoters might come up against and owning the solutions, both long and short-term that Remote needs to see.
  • Setting examples in how to solve problems with ingenuity and deep technical knowledge through automation first and foremost.
  • Working with teams across the entire business to make sure they have the tools they need to do the best work of their lives whilst keeping Remote and our customers safe.
  • Helping shape the team and future of TechOps at Remote and how wider IT can be perceived in the modern world.


  • You have a people-focussed outlook where delighting others is your number 1 goal.
  • You have an understanding that kindness is a core principle of every successful business function, and an ambition to find and hold on to this above all.
  • You have great experience with MacOS, MDM and device management in general. Plus how to operationalise this in the most compliant, automated way possible.
  • You are comfortable with pushing through ambiguity and leading others through the same.
  • You can work independently and provide excellent results in a lean, low-touch environment.
  • You're very comfortable with context-switching and capable of flipping mentalities and approaches whilst maintaining excellent focus and detail orientation.
  • You're capable of both learning and teaching others in the team on principles both technical and non-technical.
  • You're capable of owning problems and their solutions end-to-end in a fast-paced environment where priorities and directions can change.
  • You're capable of thinking through logic and apply understanding of programming concepts and computer data structures to automate.
  • You write and speak fluent English.
  • It's not required to have experience working remotely, but considered a plus.

Want to know more?

Have a watch of this Video to get a few more specifics on the role and what it entails:



  • You'll report to: Manager, TechOps
  • Team: TechOps
  • Location: Anywhere in the World
  • Start date: As soon as possible

Application process

  1. (async) Profile review
  2. Interview with recruiter
  3. Technical test
  4. Interview with future manager
  5. Interview with team members (no managers present)
  6. (async) Offer

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