Thank you for your interest in Relic and for checking out our job board! 

Curious about Relic? Well we’re a wholly owned AAA subsidiary of SEGA and the award-winning RTS developer of Homeworld, and the Dawn of War and Company of Heroes franchises. As a studio, our role is to create a workplace where people are energized and empowered to not only do their best work but to continually surpass their best.

How can you fit in? If you want to be pushed out of your comfort zone to help create the game experiences of the future, check out the openings below:

Current Job Openings at Relic Entertainment


Concept Artist
Vancouver, BC


Lead Audio Designer
Vancouver, BC
Senior Audio Designer
Vancouver, BC

Game Design

Game Director
Vancouver, Canada
Senior Game Designer
Vancouver, BC


DevOps Support Engineer
Vancouver, BC
Senior Programmer
Vancouver, BC

Studio Leadership

Chief Operating Officer
Vancouver, BC

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