Software powers the workforce...except for 55 million members who aren’t given access to a communication tool or rely on a walkie-talkie. With expense, the active nature of their jobs and guest interaction rendering a smartphone impractical, this subset of the workforce is often completely disconnected - not only from one another, but from critical information that could improve their efficiency and positively impact the bottom line of the companies that employ them.

Relay leverages the PTT functionality that active workers rely on, but we’ve stripped away the range limitations, security concerns, physical bulk and the budget prohibitions associated with traditional walkie talkies. More important though is what we’ve added: Relay operates on a powerful and flexible software platform that provides new core functionalities like GPS tracking, emergency alerts and mobile/desktop compatibility - all navigated through a voice interface. The technology that fuels these capabilities enables us to continue building software integrations that will evolve with marketplace demands.

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