Relay Lab Schools Texas is looking for a dynamic, creative and entrepreneurial school leader to help create an exceptional learning community at Ogden or Storm Academies as a Dean of Students. We're looking for someone who loves students and is excited to establish a positive, structured, achievement-oriented, creative school culture where students and adults work together to build a warm and positive environment of learning.  The Dean of Students will be a member of the school leadership team and will report to the school principal at their campus.


  • Support and coach teachers to create a positive, structured, and inclusive environment in their classrooms
  • Work directly with teachers everyday to hold all students to high, consistent, behavioral expectations
  • Serve as the point person for proactively addressing student behavior and supporting teachers and other staff in dealing with behavioral crisis-intervention and acute behavioral issues, as necessary
  • Act as a resource for teachers in their instructional practice, especially as it relates to relationships with students, classroom management, school culture, and discipline
  • Assist teachers, students, and parents in the effective creation and implementation of positive student behavior plans
  • Serve as the point person for family communication on campus
  • Lead staff efforts to ensure all students have excellent attendance and arrive at school on time, and work aggressively with students and parents to ensure excellent attendance
  • Participate in summer home visits highlighting the responsibilities of parents, teachers, and students in building a positive school environment
  • Help to reinforce the effective use of a school-wide behavior plan, including managing the school’s behavioral management systems 
  • Ensure that the physical environment of the school reinforces a positive, structured school culture and facilitates student achievement and inclusivity
  • Be highly present and visible during school hours, relentlessly ensuring the school has an exceptional school culture
  • Circulate proactively throughout classrooms and hallways during the day to gain valuable context on student behavior and help support positive school culture
  • Model the school’s values and the standard for professional behavior
  • Supervise breakfast, lunch, in-between class transitions, enrichment, and dismissal, making sure students are always where they are supposed to be and ensuring a professional school culture at these times
  • Manage middle school after school detention 
  • Manage any and all during and after school incentive/reward and discipline systems with students
  • Keep accurate student discipline records, as needed, documenting all conferences, suspensions, and phone calls for behavior
  • Implement behavior incentive systems for individual scholars and for grade levels
  • Document, input, and log all discipline referrals, when necessary
  • Ensure that behavioral expectations and school culture standards are met outside of the classroom as well as inside, including establishing and monitoring bus behavior/culture as well as cafeteria/meal time behavior and culture
  • Participate in ARD meetings and weekly student support team meetings


First and foremost, the Dean of Students must share the team’s sense of urgency about the need to improve student achievement through rigorous instruction and joyful culture in high-functioning schools. Additionally, candidates for the position must have the following:

  • 5+ years of public school work experience
  • 2+ years of experience in school leadership, assistant principal or dean experience preferred
  • A demonstrated passion for urban education and closing the achievement gap
  • Proven track-record of building efficient systems and processes
  • Ability to foster strong working relationships with individuals at all levels across an organization
  • Strong attention to detail as well as proven project management and project execution skills
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • A focus on continual improvement and innovation: if something doesn't work exactly right, you can't wait to fix it
  • A great sense of humor coupled with an ability to work efficiently, intensely, and within an entrepreneurial environment
  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited, four-year institution; Master’s Degree preferred
  • Fearlessness when it comes to building something new and supporting all students in the creation of an amazing school environment


The Dean of Students is an employee of SAISD.  SAISD provides a competitive salary and benefits package and ensures an equal employment opportunity for all applicants.

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