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Over a decade ago, a group of innovative educators had a bold vision for a new kind of teacher preparation grounded in day-to-day experiences in the classroom. Today, Relay Graduate School of Education is a national non-profit institution of higher education, developing 3,500+ teachers across 18 campuses and more than 1,200 school leaders. Relay has seen what works in the classroom, how it works, and why; that schools can have tremendous impact on young people’s lives when well-prepared, well-supported and motivated teachers and principals work together to implement a rigorous, joyful instructional model.

Relay Lab Schools comes out of this work: an opportunity to take everything we’ve learned at Relay Graduate School and apply it every day in the hallways and classrooms of a network of public schools.  Relay Lab Schools, a new non-profit school management organization, is partnering deeply with school districts to transform the district’s lowest performing schools by hiring and developing excellent teachers and school leaders, providing them with and supporting them as they implement research-based college and career-ready curricula, and building and utilizing smart technology tools and systems to foster student learning.

Our first partnership began in 2017 at the request of San Antonio Independent School District (SAISD) where we launched a new school model at an “Improvement Required” PreK-7, 630-student school in west San Antonio. In the 2018-19 school year, SAISD asked that we add a second elementary school and we are exploring opportunities to grow the work in and beyond San Antonio over time. Our partnership with Relay GSE is essential in supporting teacher and school leader development, including an innovative teacher residency program at each of the schools. 

Our growing team is made up of experienced educators that keep an eye on what matters most - our students. We love every nook and cranny of a challenge. We obsess over data, outcomes and impact. We constantly leap into the unknown and are committed to improvement - our own and each other’s. We work hard, work fast, and do whatever it takes because we know the clock is ticking. We truly love what we do and we love the people we get to do it with. We’re looking for people with this same spirit of urgency, openness, and love: people who are excited about supporting public schools, both charter and district, who are entrepreneurial, creative thinkers, who are willing to challenge their assumptions.    

Come join us on this incredible journey! 

Hey, College Students and Recent College Grads! If you're interested in starting your teaching career in San Antonio, check out the Relay GSE Teaching Residency


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