As a UX Research Associate on the Voice of the User team, you will drive the understanding of user experiences at Reddit by building a product intelligence program to capture their sentiments and perceptions of Reddit products. You will work under the direction of the Head of User Research. As a UX Research Associate, you possess a solid foundation of research and technical skills, and a demonstrated aptitude for strategic thinking and problem solving. You will partner with our product and design teams to understand users and show rather than tell how we can improve their experiences. You will help teams find specific opportunities, and convey the information they need to effectively direct products to better serve users.

In this role, you will scan Reddit community discussions and document Redditors’ reflections and sentiments of their experiences as they report them on the platform. You are responsible for compiling product experience information into a database and delivering top-level product intelligence reports. You will manage and deliver ongoing monitoring assignments, media analyses (both traditional and social), custom research studies, and other secondary research from proposal writing through final study deliverables. You are an excellent communicator, comfortable in a fast-moving organization, excited to collaborate, and passionate about understanding people and their use of products.

You bring expertise in media analysis or measurement related to public relations, marketing, or communications, including sentiment analysis and product intelligence. You’re versed in building databases, understanding large amounts of data quickly, and delivering qualitative and quantitative understandings of markets and users. 


  • Building an organizational system or database.
  • Collecting and compiling data into a database.
  • Synthesizing findings and communicating results.

Required Qualifications

  • 1+ years of experience in media analysis/measurement related to public relations, marketing and communications.
  • Proficient with database development.
  • Knowledge of basic statistical concepts.
  • Strong interpersonal, organizational, written and oral communications skills.
  • Ability to work quickly to turn around high-quality insights.

Preferred Qualifications 

  • Knowledge of marketing, public affairs, branding, communications, and general business strategy
  • Strategic, business-building approach to research with a passion for translating data into bottom-line impact.
  • Strong written communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills; the ability to communicate complex concepts clearly across different audiences and varying levels of the organization.
  • Experience working in a collaborative, diverse team working directly with designers, developers, product managers, etc.
  • Technical aptitude, familiarity with basic graphic and video editing tools.
  • A deep desire to apply design toward expanding what's possible and improving the world.

Your Qualities:

  • Personable – Adaptable and able to make others feel at ease.
  • Analytical – Investigative, inquisitive, always asking 'why?'.
  • Collaborative – Able to facilitate effective working among colleagues in various roles.
  • Organized – Capable of managing multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Articulate – Able to convey customer insights persuasively and accurately.
  • Principled – Focussed on the right outcome for your users.

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