As a Senior UX Researcher on our International (i18n) team, you will define and drive the understanding of users and the future of user experiences with Reddit as we continue to expand our presence worldwide. You'll partner with our product and design teams to understand users in different geographies and how we can improve and personalize their experiences. As a researcher on our team, you will identify and shape product strategy and inspire cross-functional partners to optimize and innovate. You're someone who loves to help teams find patterned and generalizable meaningfulness, as well as convey the information they need to effectively direct products to better serve users.

In this role, you will define and guide research processes to identify customer needs across different locations and develop insights for product development and our expansion efforts.  You are a strong and empathetic partner within the research craft community. You are an excellent communicator, comfortable in a fast-moving organization, excited to collaborate, and passionate about understanding people and complex problems.

With your qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods background, you bring expertise in research practices across all phases of the product life-cycle.  You have excellent knowledge of primary research methods (surveys, experiments, diary studies, interviews and/or focus groups) as well as secondary and expert methods (such as literature reviews, cognitive walkthroughs, and desk research). 

What You'll Do

  • Work closely with product and design teams to identify important research questions.
  • Design and execute studies that address user behaviors and attitudes, using the right methodology for the right questions.
  • Apply your expertise in conducting research using a wide variety of quantitative, qualitative, and/or mixed methods, and interpret analysis through the lens of UX, HCI, and social science.
  • Partner with design and product management to conduct and share research.
  • Collaborate closely with other researchers.
  • Act as a thought leader in the domain of research, while advocating for the people who could use our products.
  • Lead and deliver research to cross-functional teams to encourage empathy with and understanding of the Reddit experience for different segments, and identify clear opportunities Reddit can address to improve the experience.
  • Deliver insights clearly to shape how product teams think about medium and long-term product strategy.

Who You Might Be

  • 5+ years of UX research experience and delivery in a consultancy, agency or in-house setting.
  • 1+ years of UX research experience working on internationalization or localization-related projects. 
  • Experience conducting international/cross-cultural research.
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher degree in psychology, behavioral sciences, HCI, economics, computer science, experimental psychology, sociology, information science, political science, mathematics or similar.
  • Interest in and experience with hands-on primary and secondary research methods in UX Research.
  • Experience with designing, leading, and implementing UX Research projects at scale.
  • Knowledge and practical experience of using a variety of UX research methods (qualitative and quantitative), with a strong awareness of their merits and weaknesses.
  • Experience of using a variety of commercial UX Research or VOC software tools.
  • Strong analytical skills, with a demonstrated ability to distill the output of complex datasets.
  • Knowledge of UCD principles and best practices.
  • Experience leading projects that have significant customer and business impacts.
  • Social media or tech industry exposure with applied mixed methods product research.
  • MA/MS/PhD in human behavior related field with experience answering social questions.
  • Experience executing mixed-methods research (combining qualitative and quantitative methods).
  • Mixed method experience, leading with qualitative methods: interviewing, focus groups, ethnography, remote as well as field studies.
  • Knowledge of lab, field, individual, and group based qualitative methods, as well as quantitative, behavioral analysis, and statistical concepts including survey design.
  • Experience with survey and questionnaire design, log analysis, sampling, and statistical analyses of survey or behavioral data.

Your Qualities

  • Personable – Adaptable and able to make others feel at ease.
  • Analytical – Investigative, inquisitive, always asking 'why?'.
  • Collaborative – Able to facilitate effective working among colleagues in various roles.
  • Organized – Capable of managing multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Articulate – Able to convey customer insights persuasively and accurately.
  • Principled – Focussed on the right outcome for your users.


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