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On the Reddit Experimentation Platform team, we are excited about empowering innovation at Reddit through efficient and trustworthy experimentation. Few teams can claim to expedite growth, boost monetization, improve product performance, and increase development velocity of the entire company, but Experimentation does exactly that. If you’re passionate about building products that change people's lives for the better, developing strategies for products-at-scale, build-test-ship in weeks (not months), and maintaining high-quality work-life balance, Reddit then will be the perfect home for you.


How You'll Have Impact:

The Frontend Engineer on the Experimentation Team will play a critical role in creating a world-class experimentation platform for Reddit. Ultimately, this Frontend Engineer will feed the experimentation platform team’s objective to empower innovation, expedite growth, boost monetization strategy, improve product performance, and increase development velocity. 

This role will be among the first hires for the team which will provide a rare opportunity to help build the team, shape the roadmap, own a huge scope, help create a team culture and mentor new engineers. 

The experimentation platform spans both our Redditor-facing products and systems as well as our Advertiser-facing products and systems, so this role will have a huge impact not only on products that hundreds of millions of people use, but products that produce hundreds of millions of dollars in the process.

What You’ll Do

You will be instrumental in architecting, implementing, and maintaining a state-of-the-art Experimentation Platform that powers experimentation across all of Reddit. This includes, but is not limited to, building new features on A/B & MVT testing experimentation platforms, building new data products related to experimentation, working cross-functionally to find solutions for the needs of different teams, and improving monitoring and alerting. Initially, this role will be especially focused on developing advertiser experiments to support the rapid growth of our business. 

  • Design, develop, scale, and support Reddit’s Experimentation Platform.
  • Developing and operating high scale data products with a focus on reliability and quality of analyzed data.
  • Drive the initiative of  the advertiser experiments at Reddit.
  • Increase developer efficiency through automation, improved signals, workflow streamlining and system optimization.
  • Collaborate with multiple engineers/teams across the whole company to find technical solutions to complex design challenges.
  • Participate in the full development cycle: design, development, impact assessment, and deployment.


  • 3+ years of relevant experience.
  • Full-stack development experience including Javascript /React.
  • Experience building or using A/B testing infrastructure.
  • Experience building engineering or analytics tools or data products.
  • Experience going through the full software cycle of requirements, design, coding/testing, rollout/deploy standard methodologies in delivering outstanding software and services.

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