“The front page of the internet," Reddit brings over 450 million users together each month through their common interests, inviting them to share, vote, comment, and create across thousands of communities. 

Our mission of bringing community and belonging to everyone in the world demands an efficient and scaled engineering organization in which anyone can quickly and easily construct and deploy experiments across all our product surfaces (Android, iOS, Mobile Web, Web). 

This role will be responsible for establishing and achieving the vision, architecture, quality, and release processes that allow reddit to have a top tier client platform. This group is a multiplier for the velocity and quality of all the features we ship to our millions of users. 


  • Drive the architecture for our client platforms with a focus on scale (users and engineers) and quality.
  • Improve developer productivity by understanding and staying ahead of the needs of your customers, Reddit engineering. 
  • Establish how quality confidence is achieved and maintained as we continue to scale the engineering organization. 
  • Usher in consistency and modernization across our product surfaces.
  • Invest in engineering managers and senior engineers through coaching and mentoring. 


  • Experience leading multiple mobile and web teams that care equally about the user experience, developer experience, and the underlying architecture to support them.
  • Deep architectural expertise in mobile or web technologies with an emphasis on scale, quality, and reusability. 
  • A long term mindset. We are looking for someone that will make investments aimed at the future.

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Our vision at Reddit is to have a workforce representative of people with different perspectives and experiences, including but not limited to, gender, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, national origin, religion, and political views.

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