At Recast, we're building the next generation of media measurement technology. We're scientists and engineers applying cutting-edge techniques to the hardest problems in a multi-hundred-billion dollar market. Every year, billions of dollars are wasted on ineffective and unmeasurable marketing campaigns — Recast helps marketers measure the unmeasurable and save millions of dollars of marketing budget.

Our mission: Rid the world of wasted marketing spend

Billions of dollars are wasted every year on ineffective marketing spend. These dollars flow from innovators, investors, and entrepreneurs into the coffers of some of the world’s largest companies. Wasted marketing dollars barrage consumers with advertisements for products they’ll never purchase, and crowd out the messages for products that might actually be useful. By helping marketers better measure and optimize their marketing budgets, Recast is helping businesses grow more profitably and invest more money in improving products rather than wasting money on useless advertisements.

Effective marketing requires deep empathy with customer problems, creative genius, and, critically, the ability to accurately measure what’s working in a world that’s constantly shifting under our feet. Unfortunately, today’s marketers are flying blind trying to piece together disconnected and biased data sources into a coherent whole. Marketers need tools that are unbiased, accurate, and actually answer the questions that will help them make better marketing decisions. Recast is building exactly those tools.

Recast is built by scientists, for marketers. We are committed to using the world’s most advanced techniques and technologies to solve problems for marketers. We take our jobs as scientists seriously: we are committed to pursuing the truth in all its glory and we don’t shy away from uncomfortable truths (even if it means telling a customer something they don’t want to hear). By providing an independent and unbiased assessment of marketing performance, Recast gives marketers a central source of truth they can trust.

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