Reaktor is a global strategy, design, and engineering company with a new office in Stockholm. Our team is currently looking for new senior developers to hop on board on our mission to make our society and clients’ lives better.

We are carrying out our mission e.g. by creating health care services to make patients’ life smoother, devising digital strategies for the public sector, and scaling ecom to new countries and thousands of people at adidas. We’ve also been demystifying programming by teaching kids to code with LEGO, educating people about the elements of AI, sending a satellite to space, and much more.

Compared to our mothership in Helsinki, emerging Amsterdam office, or well-established setup in NYC, our Stockholm office is still at the beginning of its journey. We are essentially a small group of settlers working at Malmskillnadsgatan right by Brunkebergstorg with support from an international company.

When we’re not working on solving complex digital challenges, we like to go for runs together along the Mälaren shores, head out for dinner and drinks if someone has found a new interesting spot, or head over to someone's flat to cook together and hang out. All this means that we’re not looking for employee no. 574, but instead, a new friend to help us build something amazing here.

What we’ve got for you

Despite being new, we think that we have something to add to the scene in Stockholm. We have a relatively good foothold established with the help of our other European offices, and an experienced team ready to welcome you into their mix, should you choose to join.

When we hire you, we trust you. That means you call the shots when it comes to selecting your gear, tech, and ways of working. We try our darndest to make sure that every morning, you’ll come to work with a smile on your face, feeling like you can make a difference. Naturally, necessities like equipment and compensation will be taken care of in a manner that all parties maintain said smile on their face.

What we are looking for

We’re looking for people who want to improve, grow, and get better at their craft. It’s okay not to be perfect – in fact, we fear that's not even possible.

What we expect from you is:

  • To be well-versed in at least one programming language you like. Some things Reaktorians are currently in love with are functional programming, Node.js, TypeScript, Clojure, React, Swift, Kotlin, (No)SQL, general bleeding edge stuff.
  • Great collaboration and team building skills. Our way of working relies on collaboration, we share what we learn, help others, learn from our peers, and ask for help when needed. We also focus a lot on continuous improvement and building trust, you should be comfortable working with and on your team.
  • Confidence to take a lead role when needed. Since we don’t have an implicit hierarchy, we all need to be able to take a lead role in our projects when needed. Internally, we try to keep things level, but sometimes projects require us to support our team and customer by taking the lead.
  • Good communication skills in both English and Swedish. Our internal language is English while many of our customers’ is Swedish, so being able to communicate your ideas and opinions effectively and convincingly both verbally and in writing in both is important.
  • Willingness to be responsible for your work, development, and career path. With a great amount of freedom comes a greater amount of responsibility, in this role you’ll need to be able to take charge of your own work. We’ll have your back in whatever you want to achieve, it’s simply up to you to keep the end goal straight.
  • Ability to work in Stockholm. This position is based in Stockholm so we expect that you are able to work here too, as we are not able to provide relocation services just yet. 

All in all, we’re simple people. We believe in continuous learning, rapid iterations, and striving for autonomy in whatever we are doing. We don’t believe in unnecessary hierarchy, bureaucracy, or staying in the comfort zone.


Are you as excited about all this as we are? If so, let’s talk. Send us your application and CV via the form below, and we’ll have a look at your profile. Details of any open-source projects and your GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket repository are highly appreciated. If we think you could be a good fit for our team, we’ll arrange a chat with your possible future colleagues. In any case, you’ll hear from us shortly. 

Your new team


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