• Do you want to be a senior member of a cross-functional software development team and work “in the trenches” on a wide range of juicy and challenging projects?
  • Are you an experienced software architect who is looking to do actual development work and keep current with the latest technologies? 
  • Do you have the desire to shape your own role and the responsibility to deliver a wide range of development tasks while also coaching teammates?

Our award-winning tech community is looking for a hands-on software architect to join our office in Helsinki. 

As a hands-on software architect at Reaktor, your job is to

Be one of the most experienced members of a very productive and skilled team

Your daily tasks include: 

  • Having a lot of freedom and responsibility. Our customers hire us to be the experts and they trust us with their most critical projects – and our aim is to be worthy of this trust
  • Working on a wide range of projects. Each project will be different and mandate a different approach. The only thing in common between them is that they are challenging and meaningful
  • Having the freedom to impact how you work. Your team chooses the approach, technologies and methodologies you think will work best in any given situation
  • Constantly learning. We do our part to advance our field and always look for better ways to work
  • Working with a team that’s not only experienced, but considerate as well. Your coworkers are likely as experienced as you are, and they all want you to succeed

For two decades, we’ve been developing qualities and capabilities for adapting, reacting, and supporting change – building Reaktor to hold up in a fast-paced environment while ensuring the well-being of our people.

You are 

A skilled collaborator looking to stay at the top of their game 

To thrive in this position, you’ll need: 

  • Comprehensive and broad knowledge in building digital software products and their associated architectures
  • A curious mind that is open to change – we want to continue learning all the time and you should know your stuff and understand what you don’t know
  • An ego that survives being checked at the door. Ideally, you have nothing to prove and are looking to help everyone else rise to their potential
  • Tenacity. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the same thing applies to software architecture
  • Working experience with concrete results. We expect you to be able to show us “I did this”. We’re not looking for a specific amount of experience, but we’ve found out that it usually takes 8+ years of working in the field to reach the expected level
  • Fluency in either English or Finnish and good communication skills (written & spoken) and the necessary permits for working in Finland

Our experts are the foundation of our high-quality client work, and your wellbeing is always our utmost priority. You’ll be supported with internal training and events, development discussions, various hobby clubs, and an altogether comprehensive benefit package.

Interested? Drop us a line via the form below and introduce yourself.

P.S. Listen to our podcast Fork Pull Merge Push. The first season is out now. 

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