Reach Platform, Inc.

Reach is the fastest, safest, and easiest way to build blockchain applications

We make blockchain development practical. Just like the PC existed before Microsoft and the pocket computer existed before Apple they didn’t become mainstream until they provided a practical way for developers to put applications in the hands of their users. We will be the go-to solution for all Blockchain Development regardless of the type of chain. Not only are we going to provide an easy way for developers to create their applications, but we are also going to provide an easy way for them to launch, maintain, and monetize their applications as well. 
Reach’s vision is to bring blockchain to the world by unlocking its feasibility, practicality, and usefulness for the masses. Reach is a programming language and specialized compiler that allows full-stack developers to build decentralized applications at a fraction of the cost, complexity, and time. We are drastically reducing the barrier to entry into blockchain development and are on our way to becoming the central platform developers use to build on blockchain. Our goal is to become the lens through which the world understands the value of decentralization.

Current Job Openings

Humble DeFi Team - DeFi/Crypto