We are looking for an experienced researcher with a proven track record who can build and manage a team of 5-8. You and your team will accelerate our mission to build the standard infrastructure layer for conversational AI, through research in machine learning and natural language processing.


Research at Rasa exists to give developers better tools to build conversational AI, so it's firmly part of our product team. We don’t draw a hard line between our research and engineering: we all work on the same stack and share work, knowledge, and tools. The driver for our research is this: what would help developers build great text and voice-based assistants? How can we enable them to build things that are currently out of reach? The primary outcome of our research is new capabilities in our open source products. We also write papers and engage with the wider research community, but for us it’s a side-effect of building great products.

  • As a research manager you will actively contribute to our research and manage a team of researchers and machine learning engineers
  • You will be responsible for your team’s ability to deliver and ship high-value research that aligns with our product strategy, establishing accountability and continuous feedback
  • Attract, hire, and grow top research talent; actively mentor and motivate your team
  • Help your team make decisions and drive them to be autonomous and self-reliant


  • You can effectively communicate your research to team members across all areas of the company—from marketing and business development to UX design
  • You have experience managing a team of researchers and working with them to define research directions in collaboration with product management
  • You communicate clearly, listen, and show empathy, and can coach others to do the same
  • You are familiar with the latest research in machine learning and natural language processing, and you are engaged with the research community
  • You have a proven publication record in NLP and/or dialogue systems
  • You take pride in teaching and learning from teammates, and enjoy constructive peer review in a respectful environment
  • You want to work in a fast-growing startup

Please keep in mind that we are describing the background we imagine would best fit the role. Even if you don’t meet all the requirements, yet you are passionate about this role: we absolutely want to get to know you!


We’re a startup, so you’ll have to be comfortable rolling up your sleeves and doing whatever is required to support our mission. However, you can definitely expect to:

  • Recruit and mentor a team of 5-8 researchers and engineers
  • Take input from the community and our product team to shape our research agenda
  • Contribute to our research and codebase, including the rasa open source framework
  • Mentor your team and help them level up through continuous feedback.
  • Actively seek out ways to become a better leader. Self-improvement is important at Rasa
  • Communicate effectively with other teams at Rasa about what you need from them and what they can expect from you


  • Flexible hours and a dedicated remote budget
  • 1000 Euros personal development fund & 6 paid education days to help you grow within your role
  • 26 days paid holiday per year
  • A new Macbook, and other tech to help you to do your job
  • We have regular remote team events, as well as regular remote social events
  • 2 team offsites every year, our last one was 3 days in beautiful Brandenburg.


Rasa supplies the standard infrastructure for conversational AI, providing the tools required to build better, more resilient contextual assistants. With more than 3 million downloads since launch, Rasa Open Source is loved by developers worldwide, with a friendly, fast-growing community learning from each other and working together to make better text- and voice-based AI assistants.

Rasa offers three key products in its suite of conversational AI offering. Rasa Open Source is the most popular open source software in conversational AI. Rasa X, released in 2019, is a free toolset that helps developers quickly improve and share an AI assistant built with Rasa Open Source. Rasa Enterprise is the company's commercial offering, providing an enterprise-grade platform for developing contextual assistants at scale. Rasa runs in production everywhere from startups to Fortune 500s, and provides the data privacy and security needed to enterprises of every size.

Rasa is privately held, with funding from Accel, Andreessen Horowitz, Basis Set Ventures, and others. The company was founded in 2016 and has offices in Berlin, Germany and Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

Rasa is an equal opportunity employer. We are still a small team and are committed to growing in an inclusive manner. We want to augment our team with talented, compassionate people irrespective of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, physical or mental disability, or age.

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DEI @ Rasa

With people from more than 20 nationalities and all continents working in five different countries, female & non-binary/genderqueer representation of nearly 50% in a male-heavy tech industry, and ages ranging from 21 to 60 years, our team is diverse in many aspects. But we believe there is much more we can do to make our company more diverse and inclusive and to contribute to a world that gives everyone fair opportunities.

To reach that goal, we have established a company target that 100% of roles have more than 50% of applicants from underrepresented groups. Recruiting is where diversity has to start. Of course, an inclusive company environment is necessary to attract diverse talent, and tracking and reporting our diversity metrics from the beginning will help us understand how we’re doing.

We are aware that diversity has many different dimensions but to start, we will be tracking gender and ethnicity, as it is measurable and concrete. To that end, we have started to ask all Rasa applicants to anonymously share diversity information. To remove our own bias, this data is held completely separate from the application and will be held in the highest confidence.

At Rasa, we consider our work on diversity, equity and inclusion to be an ongoing effort, and we welcome suggestions and comments. If you are happy to help us with our targets we would really appreciate you self identifying below. 

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