We are looking for a part-time Frontend Engineer to support our product development. You will be able to test your theoretical knowledge and apply it to real-world challenges. Ideally, you are based in Berlin where you can collaborate in-person with some of our Berlin based engineers.


Software development at Rasa is not only about writing code. You'll have to come up with good architectural designs, quality code, and break an ambitious long-term vision down into milestones and issues.

We work closely with product managers, product designers and engineers across the stack to ship commercial quality software. We are a tight-knit team with a focus on exchanging knowledge and enabling each other to do our best.

We design our user experience to be simple, customisable and empowering for our users. Our codebase is a React application with Redux state management and fully typed using TypeScript. We have an emphasis on functional programming, easily testable components and solving problems with high quality, maintainable solutions and minimum technical debt.


  • You take pride in learning from teammates and enjoy constructive peer review in a respectful environment.
  • You're comfortable being lean and fixing problems without waiting for someone to tell you to.
  • You can effectively communicate what you’re working on - when you are faced with issues during your work you know when to reach out for help.
  • You are primarily motivated by building and shipping great products.

Technical requirements

  • Experience in web development working with JavaScript.
  • Experience working with React or a similar framework.
  • Experience in debugging and digging into code bugs.
  • Ability to wrap your head around new topics and diving into details.

Nice to have

  • Experience working with Redux.
  • Experience writing test cases in any language.
  • Experience doing backend development in any language.

Please keep in mind that we are describing the background we imagine would best fit the role. Even if you don’t meet all the requirements, yet you are confident that you are up for the task, we absolutely want to get to know you!


We’re a startup, so you’ll have to be comfortable rolling up your sleeves and doing whatever is required to support our mission. However, you can definitely expect to:

  • Come up with creative and sensible solutions to interesting and often unique problems (this may be your favourite part!)
  • Work closely with our other frontend developers, reviewing each other's code and holding each other to a high standard.
  • Champion our open source community reviewing and interacting with our community members.
  • Be part of the full product release cycle, from idea scoping and feature development to quality assurance and deploying to production!

Navigate our tech stack: TypeScript, React, Python3, Redis, RabbitMQ, Postgres, GitHub Actions, Kubernetes, GCP among other technologies and frameworks.

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DEI @ Rasa

With people from more than 20 nationalities and all continents working in five different countries, a gender ratio of nearly 50% in the male-heavy tech industry, and ages ranging from 21 to 60 years, our team is diverse in many aspects. But we believe there is much more we can do to make our company more diverse and inclusive and to contribute to a world that gives everyone fair opportunities.

To reach that goal, we have established a company target that 100% of roles have more than 50% diverse applicants. Recruiting is where diversity has to start. Of course, an inclusive company environment is necessary to attract diverse talent, and tracking and reporting our diversity metrics from the beginning will help us understand how we’re doing.

We are aware that diversity has many different dimensions, but to start, we will be tracking gender and ethnicity, as it is measurable and concrete. To that end, we have started to ask all Rasa applicants to anonymously share diversity information. To remove our own bias, this data is held completely separate from the application and will be held in the highest confidence.

At Rasa, we consider our work on diversity equity and inclusion to be an ongoing effort, and we welcome suggestions and comments. If you are happy to help us with our targets we would really appreciate you self identifying below. 

What is your Gender?

What is your racial identity?