RAPP New York is looking for an SVP Marketing Sciences

to join our award-winning team.



Our purpose

We are the agency absolutely, utterly, fiercely focused on the individual. We use our data, technology and creative smarts to make meaningful, connections with every single person a brand knows.

As a guiding ethos, RAPP stands up for Individuality. So much so, that it's in our agency value proposition. We're committed to racial justice, equality and equity, representation, and unbiased opportunity – because we know that embracing diversity in all its facets helps us create our best work. Harnessing the experiences of all our Fiercely Individual people, and the differences among us, is the surest way to positively impact our business and network culture.

We encourage people of all races, ethnicities, backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender identities, life stages and abilities to apply. RAPP is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes everyone to our team. If you need reasonable adjustments at any point in the application or interview process –or after you’ve joined us – please let us know.

Our family

We are a member of Omnicom’s Precision Marketing Group (OPMG) focused on digital and CRM marketing.

Our home

If we learned anything this year, it’s that our organization truly can implement a “work where you work best” philosophy.  We still have physical offices, and, if they’re open, you are welcome to use them whenever you like. RAPP is located in the historic News Building, at 220 E. 42nd Street, where Christopher Reeve’s Superman was filmed. 

No pressure, though - if you aren’t comfortable with coming in while COVID-19 plays out, you can still work where you work best. That said, while we do have our “work where you work best” philosophy. We legally have to care about what state you claim permanent residency in (it’s a tax thing). So you do need to claim residency in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut – but, if you’re a resident of somewhere else, let’s talk about it.

Our clients

From binge watching to business building and everything in between, we provide smart solutions for companies like Lilly, Charter, and American Family Insurance.


You have 15+ years of experience in analytics across multiple verticals. You are an expert in 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data.

You have an understanding in CRM and digital marketing reporting, analytics, and attribution. You’re experienced in Python/R, SQL, visualization software (Tableau/PBI/Datarama), and common MarTech/Analytics stacks. You have a degree in a quantitative subject (Statistics, Mathematics, Operations Research, Economics) or Social Sciences, with heavy emphasis on quantitative methods (required). An advanced degree (MSc / PhD) in a quantitative subject is preferred.

You have a sound understanding of experimental/multivariate test design techniques and have an extensive understanding of direct marketing practices and best in class methodologies. You have solid management skills and a proven track record of talent development and team leadership and the ability to present in a highly visible context, to think on one’s feet and to answer tough Q&As.

You have a track record of success in marketing sciences growth for new and existing clients.

You have advanced training and experience in statistical techniques such as: multivariate predictive modeling, multidimensional segmentation, factor analysis, lifetime value determinations, linear and logistic regression, CHAID analysis, latent class analysis, multinomial logistic regression, survival analysis, fractional factorial test design, cluster analysis, Markov Chains, econometric time series AR, MA and ARIMA and Bayesian structural time series (BSTS) modeling etc.

Most of all, you understand that data isn't just numbers. You have an ability to give meaning to the data to give insight into the behaviors of real people.

What else? Maybe you've travelled the world. Or maybe you're a movie aficionado. We’d love to know what makes you, you.

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