What is Quorso?

Quorso is an intelligent management platform that is revolutionizing the performance process in multi-site organisations, with a special focus on retail, hotels, restaurants/QSR and travel among other verticals.
As digital has taken over many parts of big business (especially marketing), the process for managing site performance, prioritizing opportunities at a local level, taking action, measuring impact and scaling success remains analog.
Countless reports, conversations and emails mean performance is often managed by gut. Quorso’s system digitizes this process not just for front-line managers but for executives at all levels of the organization. 

Voted one of the UK’s top 50 startups in 2019, we are working with some of the biggest businesses in the UK and the US and recently received Series A backing from the $100bn Canadian pension fund OMERS.

Working at Quorso

Quorso is a technology company with a team the aims for the stars but has its feet firmly on the ground. We’re bold and strive to make an impact in the world, but we’re practical about how approach it.

As a young company, we're still shaping our culture and our team. We would love for you to be a part of the journey we're taking towards achieving this.

We're well aware that job specifications sometimes aren't the best ways to truly get an idea of what a company is like, and whether it would be a right fit for you. If you think you may be a good fit for the company, get in touch anyway! We're always listening over at careers@quorso.com

The Technology

As a full-stack engineer at Quorso, we believe having the following technology traits will set you up to be successful here:

  • Comfortable with a Unix-like environment. All of our servers run a flavour of Linux. We occasionally SSH into our environments to modify system settings and our CI setup runs linters that listen for exit codes. If none of the above sounds strange or daunting, then you shouldn't have too much of a problem getting up and running with our team in no time!
  • Practical experience building, high-quality web-based software using a dynamic programming language like Ruby or Python. If you've worked for a startup, large company or anything in-between and have practical experience in delivering high-quality software to end-users for at least two years, then we would love to speak with you. We use Ruby as our go-to language unless the solution requires otherwise, so a desire to get up to speed quickly with Ruby is a must.
  • Practical knowledge of databases.  You need an advanced level of SQL, including having written SQL to extract data from databases. You understand why it's sometimes useful to reach for raw SQL instead of an abstracted ORM.
  • You understand why testing applications is important. You're perfectly comfortable writing code which is well-tested. You understand the concepts used in most test suites, such as assertion, setup, teardown, dependency injection, and can reach for them to build easy-to understand and well-tested code.
  • You've used at least one major JavaScript framework and are comfortable writing code for the front-end. You embrace the event-driven asynchronous nature of the web, you understand the DOM tree, you have an opinion on an ideal way to manage complex states (we use React + Redux for this), and you can appreciate the usefulness of componentising re-usable parts of the front-end.

The Human

An engineer at Quorso isn't just a function of how much code they can spew out in a day. They are an integral part of a product-focused team, working together to achieve a unified goal. We believe in the human at Quorso – it's what our entire product is based on. Quorso values humans with the following traits:

  • Intrigued and fascinated about building high-quality products. You may have had previous experience working as an engineer in a product team, or have a genuine fascination about quality digital products and their positive impact on people's lives.
  • You demonstrate passion for learning, and self-improvement. You're pro-active by nature and hold yourself to a high standard of quality and professionalism in your approach.
  • The human behind the engineer shows through. You bring yourself and all of your flaws to the office and you demonstrate humility and an ability to give and receive candid feedback.
  • You're ready for start-up life. You have a willingness to roll up sleeves and wade outside your area of responsibility when necessary. You're interested in helping to shape and build our culture and who we are as a team.

What can we do for you?

Working at Quorso has its benefits. We believe in providing the best environment to allow you to do your best work, and we currently offer the following:

  • A very competitive salary
  • Equity in the company (working on this for non-UK employees)
  • Employer contributory pension scheme
  • Top of the range equipment to help you do your job to the highest possible standard
  • A health and training grant of £1,000 to support continuous self-improvement and satisfaction of curiosity
  • Private healthcare 
  • Holiday allowance of 25 days per year, with the office closed between Christmas and New Year
  • Flexible working / working from home when you need to
  • Regular lunch-and-learns as part of our growth-mindset culture and a growing ‘library’ for inspiration
  • A fun and supportive office environment  in our own cosy office working alongside some true experts

We're still shaping the company, especially our new office in Kyiv and the benefits we provide to you. If there's something missing that will allow you to do you work better or give you more peace of mind, then we want to hear it.

Next Steps

If working at Quorso sounds like something you'll be interested in, submit your CV with the form below, or send an email to careers@quorso.com. The next steps will then be:

  • A phone chat with one of our lead engineers
  • A take-home test
  • A pairing session 
  • Hangouts with the team for culture fit
  • A job offer

We're aware that your time is important, which is why we strive to complete the process as quickly as possible. Please let us know of anything that can make the interview process smoother for you, and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

We are a diverse and inclusive team, and we welcome people of different backgrounds, experiences, abilities and perspectives. We are an equal opportunity employer



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