Software Engineer, Infrastructure and Tools

Pyka is looking for a Software Engineer to join our experienced team working on software infrastructure and internal tools to support large autonomous airplanes. In this role, you will own the tools we use to control these aircraft in flight, and to analyze and visualize flight-data. Below is a list of some current and future projects that you will contribute to:

  • Autonomous aircraft flight data infrastructure

    Our aircraft generate vast quantities of data about all aspects of flight, which is meticulously analyzed by our software and flight test teams. In this role, you will develop and augment tools that improve our ability to analyze this data, both in real-time during flight and after the fact. This will involve augmenting our existing tools and developing a new web-based tool for uploading, visualizing, and automatically analyzing flight log data.

  • Ground Control Station

    We have developed our own proprietary ground control station software for mission planning, flight operations, and flight test diagnostics. You will be responsible for it as it constantly evolves to provide our users with more flexibility and more digestible flight information.
  • In-house visualization tools

Visualizing flight and sensor outputs has been an invaluable part of developing complex algorithms such as LIDAR-based obstacle detection and path planning. In this role, you’ll expand the functionality of those tools, which will greatly augment our ability to diagnose issues as they appear in commercial operation.


  • Work with the existing software team (currently five people) to contribute to an existing Qt QML/C++17 codebase

  • Design and implement a custom log processing/viewing platform

  • Develop new internal tools for visualizing/debugging the aircraft

  • Work closely with flight testing teams to identify, prioritize, and solve problems with ground control software

Preferred Qualifications

  • 3+ years of professional experience with C++ (ideally C++11 or newer)

  • Experience with Qt and QML

  • Experience developing custom GUI applications

  • Passion for creating simple, delightful user interfaces

  • Experience with JavaScript and web tools

  • Experience with real-time 3D visualization

  • Passion for aviation

  • Familiarity with robotic systems

Company Perks

  • Competitive salary and equity

  • Employer-sponsored health, dental and vision insurance, FSA with employer matching, and 401(k)

  • Paid holidays and unlimited PTO

  • Free catered lunch and plenty of snacks

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