Electrical Engineer

Pyka is looking for an Electrical Engineer to join our experienced and enthusiastic team of engineers. In this role, you will be responsible for system level and component level design and testing across a wide range of subsystems.

Below is a list of current hardware projects that you will contribute to. Your roles and responsibilities will vary significantly from one week to the next. 

  • Dual-computer flight computer with multiply redundant power distribution system for actuators and avionics
  • High power density motor controller (30kW ~ 100kW)
  • BMS/Contact controller for redundant battery system
  • Air data board
  • Various PCBs to streamline testing of the above hardware

Candidates who thrive in fast-paced environments working with a small team will love this role.

About Pyka

At Pyka we develop autonomous electric aircraft to provide people with an affordable and safe air transport option for regional trips. We're building a future where everyone can visit a friend, partner, family member, or colleague in a nearby city by air --- where the trip is a beautiful, traffic-free, and environmentally responsible adventure. 

To get there, we’re taking a different approach than most. We're applying our technologies to every industry where electric aircraft can be useful, starting with the highest value and most dangerous jobs. In doing so, we're building useful, game-changing products manufactured at scale, while perfecting the safety, reliability, and capabilities of our autonomy engine and electric propulsion systems. 

Today, we supply our aircraft to agricultural service providers and farmers as an autonomous tool that makes aerial crop protection safer, more targeted and less harmful to surrounding environments. Our vehicles are highly economical to operate and easy to deploy. What you work on at Pyka makes people’s lives better now and brings the future of electric aviation one-step closer each day.

We design, develop and manufacture an ecosystem of core-technologies including proprietary flight control software, avionics, high power density motors, motor controllers, batteries, and custom carbon-fiber composite airframes. Our full-stack team is from Wisk, Joby Aviation, Waymo, Google[x], and Saildrone. 

We foster a welcoming community within our company that promotes experimentation, asking questions, making simple solutions to complex problems, and expressing different views and opinions. We are a transparent company both internally and externally and do not believe in operating in “stealth mode.” Lastly, we don’t work 60 hour weeks, and don’t expect you to either. In this role you will have a great deal of responsibility, earn a competitive salary and benefits, and contribute to the development of groundbreaking technology.


  • Develop complex electrical subsystems involving FPGA, power, analog, and sensor integrations

  • Complete the entire PCBA design cycle including architecture selection, component selection, schematic design, PCB layout, and working with manufacturers

  • Test and validate subsystems to meet performance and reliability requirements

  • Work with cross-functional teams (Mechanical Engineering, Software, and Flight Testing) on aircraft integration and system level testing

  • Write design and testing documents

Preferred Qualifications

  • 3+ years of hands-on experience designing and testing (low to medium speed) FPGA and microprocessor based circuitry and interfaces to various peripherals

  • Experience designing power electronics systems such as DC-DC converters, BMSs, and motor controllers

  • Experience designing safety critical systems, considering system redundancy and failure mode and effects analysis 

  • Familiarity with general schematic design and PCB layout tools such as Altium, OrCAD, Allegro, Eagle, KiCad, etc.

  • An inquisitive attitude with an ability to quickly and deftly research new topics and develop mastery of new subjects

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. The ideal candidate is not afraid to ask for clarification or give feedback

Company Perks

  • Competitive salary and equity

  • Employer-sponsored health, dental and vision insurance, FSA with employer matching, and 401(k)

  • Paid holidays and unlimited PTO

  • Free catered lunch and plenty of snacks

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