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  • Responsibilities

    - Developing in-game contents and modes for the new Project based on PUBG IP
    - Designing challenging and creative contents that maintain holistic user experience
    - Communicating and collaborating with other functional teams throughout the development progress
  • Requirements

    - A minimum of 5 years experience in game design on a shipped product
    - A strong understanding of contents design and principals
    - Great sense of what 'makes a game fun to play' and ability to deliver those ideas to the team and in the game
    - Excellent written and verbal communications skills
    - Ability to work, interact and communicate well in a international team environment
    - Ability to work full-time in South Korea (KRAFTON, Pangyo Office)
  • Pluses

    - Experience in design/development of various game MODs (from scratches to the completion)
    - Experience in working with modern game engines
    - Passion for games and hunger to make the best game contents
    - Ability to advocate core user's experience : ability to analyze and iterate feedback and create new content/feature

  • Office locationKRAFTON (South Korea, Pangyo Techno Valley)

  • Project Description

    A new project based on PUBG universe

    Since its emergence in 2017, PUBG has provided unprecedented novelty and brought joy and happiness to many users. Even until now, it is one of the most played games in the world. Now, a new project begins based on PUBG universe! We are delighted to invite you to participate in the challenges and opportunities that will bring excitement and fun to PUBG fans and gamers.

    Fans and fun come first

    These days, there are lots of things to be considered in game production, including retention and monetization. However, there’s one thing that has remains unchanged over time. Game should be fun and our top priority is to make games that are more fun for players. We aim to achieve open development. We would like to communicate with players intimately in the overall process of game development and service, so that we can develop and grow together with the project.

    You can fail, but we will make with intense passion

    It is really difficult to make games. Among the many development projects launched, only one out of ten will be shown to the players. Among them, only very few projects are recognized and become a success. Therefore, we think that game production is a challenge. Challenge is accompanied with intense passion. Even if we fail, we would like to do a project that we can convince ourselves. Through this process, we believe that we will enjoy the fruits of success one day.


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