Why we exist

We believe the most important technologies in the world don’t seek your attention, they work for you, they empower you, and they get out of the way, so you can focus your attention on what matters most.

We believe that everything around you should be simpler, faster, and more seamless. We believe in a world where you can control everything around you, by simply being present and having technology do the work for you by turning the mundane into the magical. We believe you should be able to experience the world in personalized ways rich with your preferences and taste, while staying in control of your data and privacy. 

We are creating this world by building your digital Proxy. It’s your identities, your preferences, your ID cards, your wallet, your links to the physical world, augmented and represented by a signal emitted from your smartphone or wearable that tells the world around you who you are, what you want, and how you want it.

We exist to empower you with your digital identity for the physical world. Access more. Share less.

Our product philosophy

At its core, Proxy wants to redefine the way that people interact with technology, without sacrificing their privacy or safety. Our products not only need to define entirely new behaviors, they also need to reflect our values from start to finish. Our ambition goes beyond designing immersive and intuitive experiences, we’re building everything with tomorrow in mind.

We’re gathering a team of creative, empathetic designers to bring us closer to realizing the meaningful, personalized, and frictionless future we envision. To build a suite of impactful products that transcend enterprise and consumer realms at scale. If we do things right, the Proxy experience will be invisible to most users, while offering more opportunities and intuitiveness to our customers.

Should you join us?

We’re looking for a talented individual who can design seamless user experiences across a variety of products and surfaces (mobile, web, and/or wearable) — one that feels like magic. Someone who can translate the most ambitious vision of the future into something tangible. Someone who welcomes a rapidly changing environment and is excited by the challenge of inventing the next generation of touchless experiences.

About you

  • You are a digital interface designer and you have between 4-8 years of experience.
  • You are 100% autonomous, feel comfortable working in a fast-paced startup environment with new challenges every day, and have experience working on a few projects at once.
  • You’ve done a variety of projects professionally and brought at least one of them to market.
  • You excel with UX and UI, always creating an intuitive and thoughtful experience for the users. But you’re also familiar with design research, visual design, and prototyping.
  • You understand the value of closely working with the PM and Engineering teams, and you’re excited about collaborating with other fields.
  • You’re articulate, putting words behind what you believe, and you’re mature enough to revise your point of view when you learn something new.
  • You are flexible, proactive, and organized.

The opportunities at Proxy

  • As an expert in your field, you tell us what works best. You’ll have actual responsibilities and will be truly heard. You’ll be leading the effort, relied upon, and rewarded.
  • Real impact. You’re a main player of the Product team, you share your experience, voice your opinion, and help us set the direction for the user experience across our interfaces.
  • Work directly with other team leaders. Every day is an opportunity to learn something.
  • Help define and set Proxy standards through building out the design culture.

Even better if you show interest and/or expertise in:

  • Design process definition and team collaboration tools
  • Marketing design (website, advertisement, social…)
  • Motion design and illustration
  • Being curious. At Proxy, we really love people who ask questions!

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