Let’s start with why we exist…

We believe the most important technologies in the world don’t seek your attention, they work for you, they empower you, and they get out of the way, so you can focus your attention on what matters most.

We believe that everything around you should be simpler, faster, and more seamless - that everything should be frictionless. We believe in a world where you can control everything around you, by simply being present and having technology do the work for you by turning the mundane into the magical. We believe you should be able to experience the world personalized ways rich with your preferences and taste, while staying in control of your data and privacy. 

We are creating this world by building your digital Proxy. It’s your preferences, your identities, your ID cards, your wallet, your physical world experience, augmented and represented by a signal emitted from your smartphone that tells the world around you, who you are, what you want, and how you want it.

We exist to empower you with your digital Proxy and to make it universally accessible and infinitely useful to you.

Why does this role exist?

Proxy is growing fast. Our suite of products is too. We’re looking for a person to execute the design of new and existing products - from brief to production. You will be responsible for the quality, creativity, and the ultimate user experience. Your Product Manager, the Design Team, and the CEO will support you to create something great.  

What happens when you join us?

  • You will be the main designer on one (or a couple) of our product lines. Our goals are ambitious, and you’ll be thrown into the deep end. Your products may be totally nascent and haven't seen daylight yet, or it could be evolving a current product out in the world. 
  • The vision is yours. You will be on point to cultivate the user experience and help turn the vision of the product into a reality users love. 

Are you our new Product Designer?

  • You’re a great designer. Your work is fresh and users love your products.
  • You’re curious. You’re ready to learn new stuff and grow.
  • You’ve got some experience. This isn’t about numbers, but you’ve shipped products and have probably been practicing for more than 4 years.
  • You can balance pixels and ideas. Beautiful buttons are important; so are the reasons that put them there.
  • You have strong opinions, loosely held. You’re articulate enough to put words behind what you believe, and confident enough to change them when you learn something new.

Why should you join us?

  • Design drives this business. Proxy is built on world class user experiences that are designed by the best. We sell nothing more than excellent products (especially not people’s data!) 
  • Learn from the best. Work first-hand with product managers, designers and a leadership team that have driven multiple, past startups to success.
  • Build something new, build something meaningful. Proxy brings digital virtue to physical space, without sacrificing privacy. It equips people to have magical experiences without having a screen in their face. We are building the future we want to see.

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