At Propel, our mission is to build modern, respectful, and effective financial tools for low-income Americans. Over 4 million people use our first product, Fresh EBT, to manage government benefits on their EBT card, save money, and earn income. Read more about the impact of Fresh EBT here, here, and here. Now we’re expanding further into the financial services space by building a new financial product that will offer the best banking option for Americans families with limited income. Our goal for this new product is to help every family make it through the month, every month. We believe the right tool can have a measurable, meaningful impact for millions.

The Senior Product Designer will be essential in crafting “the right tool” – from how it works, to how it feels, to how it stands apart from other EBT management & banking options. For this role, we are looking for an ambitious, experienced, and strategic designer with excellent visual and written communication skills. You’ll be an equal partner to both our product designers and UX researchers. In partnership with our product designers, you’ll distill customer journeys, loops of customer engagement, and essential behaviors our tool supports – and help conceive and test prototype solutions. In partnership with UX research, you’ll formulate and answer strategic research questions, help us define in detail the functional, cognitive and emotional needs of different customer segments. With cross-functional product teams, you’ll design and refine features that ensure we are continuously improving the product based on customer feedback and analytics.

Propel is a for-profit software company that holds its social mission at its core. Our investors include Andreessen Horowitz, the Omidyar Network, Kevin Durant, Serena Williams, and Nas.

We are strongly committed to hiring a diverse and multicultural team. We encourage applications from traditionally under-represented backgrounds, including those with direct experience with the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or other government benefits.

We offer

  • A unique opportunity to make a real impact on our company, product, and brand
  • A fun, get-stuff-done, and caring culture
  • Meaningful work and a strong shared sense of mission
  • Competitive compensation (including equity) and excellent benefits
  • A dog-friendly office based in Downtown Brooklyn (remote work ok!)

What you’ll do

  • Quickly and rigorously create user stories, customer flows, wireframes, design mockups, and prototypes to effectively conceptualize new product initiatives.
  • Capture all states, edge-cases, “unhappy paths” and path logic for visual UI design and engineering teams to build out.
  • Work with UX Research to coordinate and run tests of your prototypes end users.
  • Conceive and conduct both broad customer research to drive strategy, and narrow tests and evaluations of user experiences to drive iteration.
  • Synthesize quantitative data, qualitative insights, and prior experiment results into informed design decisions and new ideas.
  • Communicate insights clearly and persuasively across different audiences and varying levels of the organization.

What you have

  • 5+ years as a UX or Product Designer
  • At least 1 year experience as a Senior UX or Product Designer
  • At least 1 year experience working on an in-market consumer software product.
  • Exceptional visual communication skills; you feel as comfortable visualizing concepts in a diagram as you do visualizing a user experience.
  • Excellent writing and editing skills; you can write clear and concise content in many formats, for many audiences.
  • An attention to detail; you deftly conceptualize multi-state, multi-path interaction systems to consistently capture edge-cases.
  • Plenty of experience conducting and coordinating user research and user testing, including the kind of remote testing so critical in the current moment.
  • An available online portfolio

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Demographic Questions
At Propel, we believe that an environment that is diverse, inclusive, and equitable drives us towards the best product and business decisions that allow us to effectively and consciously serve our mission and our users. As a social enterprise, we also recognize that caring about DEI is quite simply the right thing to do. 

The people that use our products are diverse in many ways - gender, age, race, sexual orientation, religion, disability status, and more. We explicitly aim to reflect that with our team composition, though we aren’t there yet. That’s why we are actively working to make sure our job descriptions are inclusive, our sourcing nets are widely cast, and our interview process is equitable and fair to all.

We particularly value those with lived experiences around financial hardship and safety net programs. While people from all backgrounds can contribute to Propel’s mission, we know that those who come from the communities we serve have an incredibly powerful and unique perspective.

Your responses will be used (in aggregate only) to help us identify areas of improvement in our process. Your responses will not be associated with your specific application and will not in any way be used in the hiring decision.
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