Financial volatility is a fact of life in the American economy. Families who face financial hardship must navigate a set of tools that are fragmented, bureaucratic, technophobic, and expensive - right when they are most in need of world-class products and services that help them get back on their feet. Those experiences include both the public sector safety net (e.g. programs like food stamps, Medicaid) and private sector products (e.g. check cashers, payday lenders). 

At Propel, we believe that tech hasn’t pulled its weight in solving real social problems. While tech alone won’t solve poverty, it can play a much larger role in building safety net services that restore financial health. 

We believe that the best way to change the system for low-income Americans is to build a thriving business that aligns our incentives: a system where our business grows if and only if we help more low-income Americans improve their financial health.

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Director of Marketing
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