About ProjectDiscovery

At ProjectDiscovery, we are on a mission to bring security to everyone. 

Our suite of open source tools powers a vibrant community that is among the largest in the infosec community. Our projects have accumulated over 50k stars on Github with monthly active users in the hundreds of thousands and year-over-year growth of over 400%. 8 of our tools recently made the Open Source Security Index, a list of the fastest growing open source security projects on GitHub, which is more than any other startup or corporation. Our tools are trusted by security and engineering teams at top internet companies like HashiCorp, Robinhood, Gitlab, CapitalOne, Fastly, Starbucks and many others. 

Our team of 31 is tight-knit, scrappy and passionate about making our digital world more secure. We are globally distributed and encourage our employees to work anywhere in the world. Fresh off $25M of Series A funding, we’re ready to take on the application security market and we’re looking for driven and talented people to join us. 

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ProjectDiscovery Compensation

ProjectDiscovery goes above and beyond to not only stay competitive in our compensation ranges, but we also ensure a fair and equitable package that is based on a candidate's collective experience, competencies, location, as well as partnering with a global compensation company to verify our competitiveness and accuracy.  Salary ranges are listed on our job descriptions!


Working with a Global Team

Work at ProjectDiscovery is not about working from nine to five; rather, it is about embracing the remote lifestyle that allows for a healthy balance of work and living. We are about getting the work done, not clocking-in and clocking-out, allowing you to incorporate the work into your day instead of squeezing your life around your work. We partner very well across more than 15 time zones on 5 continents, and we are just getting warmed-up in our growth. Overall, there is freedom in being remote, and we embrace that with an equal focus on work and life. 


Current Job Openings

There are no current openings.