About us

Project Archer is an Augmented Reality studio based in the Seattle area. We are a team of engineers, designers, innovators and creators dedicated to paving the way for augmented reality applications in the retail space. Our focus is on functional use cases that merge diverse data streams and personalized information with specific physical locations to create productive and entertaining immersive real-world shopping experiences.

What you’ll do:

Our mission is to help our customers smile more and live better by blending contextual information and entertainment into magical experiences. Our primary interface to this magical world is speech and our design director for conversational user experience will provide both strategic vision and tactical execution in leading our speech design efforts. Our experience needs to be magical and the conversational user experience design director is the master magician who will lead us in making that magic.

  • Collaborate ​with Product Owners and Key Stakeholders (CEO, Creative Director, Principal Product Manager, and the Contextual Intelligence Engineering Director) to help develop our overall user experience and specifically articulate a vision for speech interactions and speech interface design within the user experience.
  • Work closely with the Contextual Intelligence Engineering Director and Key Stakeholders to develop a product roadmap specifically as it applies to speech interactions and interface within the context of an agile development environment, and taking into consideration that our system must work in many languages, not just English.
  • Work closely with the Contextual Intelligence Engineering Director to define functional and technical requirements for speech interactions and interface
  • Develop strategies for implementing functional requirements in accordance with the product vision; at a practical level, strategies that are mindful of, and consistent with, the constraints and capabilities of current technology but which also identify opportunities for innovation
  • Oversee product research, prototyping, usability, etc, pursuant to achieving product goals, specifically as related to speech. This includes determining and executing a strategy for the acquisition of speech data at onset and throughout the product’s lifecycle.
  • Work with the Engineering Director of Contextual Intelligence to build a team (Designers, Speech Scientists, Developers, etc), as required, capable of executing the product roadmap.
  • Work with the CEO, Creative Director and Narrative Director to articulate a vision for an interactive story content engine focusing on how conversations between characters, and between characters and humans work.
  • Work with our Director of QA to design appropriate testing processes for the conversational user experiences and then review the daily testing data to make changes as needed to our development strategies and tactical plans.

What you’ll bring to the team:

  • You have 7+ years experience designing and implementing speech based user experiences for interactive applications.
  • Extensive knowledge of speech input technologies and methodologies.
  • Extensive experience in wireframing and prototyping complex player flows.
  • Extreme attention to detail - a passion for all the polish and special-case details that can take a user experience from acceptable to great.
  • An iterative mindset. Prototype early, iterate often, finalize and polish later.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational skills.
  • Adept at both giving and receiving constructive feedback in a very collaborative and iterative environment.
  • Experience using technical interactive / game development tools (such as source control and Unity.)

Archer Team Members:

  • Contribute in a respectful manner with empathy and emotional intelligence across the studio.
  • Can work collaboratively in a team as well as independently.
  • Are able to be self-directed in their work and learning.
  • Bring a growth mindset to the work they do.

What We Offer:

  • A fast paced startup environment with unlimited potential for growth
  • Unlimited PTO - We believe in work-life balance and want you to take the time you need.
  • Generous Medical, Dental and Vision packages to choose from
  • 401K and Stock Options
  • Career Development programs
  • Monthly social events and team outings
  • And so much more..

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