Project Archer is an Augmented Reality studio based in the Seattle area. We are a team of engineers, designers, innovators and creators dedicated to paving the way for augmented reality applications in the retail space. Our focus is on functional use cases that merge diverse data streams and personalized information with specific physical locations to create productive and entertaining immersive real-world shopping experiences.

We are looking to add a Build Manager (Build + Release) to the team, to lead the delivery of our source-control system and branching strategies, build+deploy systems and processes, and collaborate on our cloud infrastructure design and automation implementations.   We would love to hear about your past successes in broadly contributing to culture (maybe Devops, maybe not), infrastructure-as-code expertise, and your IT+Engineering experiences in software development + release lifecycles


You’ll love this job if you:

  • Think of the user first and delight them in new and exciting ways
  • Have solid technical chops and use them to drive measurable impact to the customer and business
  • Can work autonomously, yet can lead collaboratively in a high-performing autonomous team
  • Think out of the box and make things happen
  • Thrive in loosely structured environments and help create right-fit structure as we grow
  • Consistently deliver and let nothing get in your way
  • Are flexible to the changing demands of a fast-paced startup environment
  • Work cross-functionally with other departments and other engineering teams to craft transparency and consensus in what you build

What you’ll do:​​

  • Boldly innovate without losing sight of our mission
  • Collaborate directly with Product Managers, IT, Engineering, and other product-focused teams
  • Help build a great engineering culture that consistently delivers value to our users and business
  • Develop a holistic CI/CD pipeline - tools and an operational framework to enable application artifacts to progress through procedures which automate packaging, distribution, QA testing, and ultimately deployment to multiple environments in a controlled way.

Your past successes, experience with specific languages, tools, and platforms should look similar to:

  • Languages + frameworks: ASP.Net - Python - etc
  • Build/Release Automation: Git - Jenkins - TeamCity - etc
  • Cloud Computing - Azure - GCP - etc
  • Infrastructure Automation: Ansible - Terraform - CodePipeline - etc
  • Bonus value for things like:
  • Robust full-stack IT architecture and operational experience
  • Comprehensive system/application/service monitoring and instrumentation
  • Release to “walled garden” curated-store experience
  • Secure SDLC, opsec experience

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