Why project44? 

Our mission is to usher in a new era of trust and predictability to transportation and logistics, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. The industry is massive, as is the opportunity. We’re looking for bright, ambitious individuals to join our growing global team and help us enable a more productive and successful world.  We’re changing the way the world ships, and we’re looking for you to help us get there! 

The Contracted Team Member Business Partner is an important team member in the high-growth fueling the project44 rocket ship. This person will oversee all parts of managing our global contracted team members. From confirming service agreements to onboarding to relationship management of staffing agencies, this role will ensure all pieces of this process are completed in a timely and compliant manner. An individual well versed in process improvement, cross-functional collaboration and time management will excel.
At project44 you will:
  • Initiate both technical and company onboarding for all team members who are employed independently or through a staffing / service agency
  • Closely collaborate with managers and leaders to streamline onboarding globally
  • Forecast workforce planning needs by team to determine immediate versus long-term demand
  • Develop role profiles to be able to source and recruit more efficiently through staffing agencies or independently
  • Actively own all account management of existing service agreements and staffing agencies
  • Source and negotiate new global service providers in conjunction with business needs and growth
  • Administer all necessary protocols and documentation to uphold all compliance standards
  • Sync up regularly with IT and InfoSec to ensure compliance and evolve procedures according to organizational growth
  • Manage all parts of service agreements and scopes of work for independent contracted team members
  • Maintain contracted team member database; actively amending information and improving processes
  • Oversee and follow through on all offboarding protocols to ensure timely systems management with managers, IT and InfoSec
What we look for:
  • Strong Excel skill set; able to create reports and produce analytics
  • Excellent communicator who works to practice real talk in order to manage and set proper expectations in a fast-paced work environment
  • Superior process-minded individual always looking to develop, implement and improve time-saving measures

About project44 

Since 2014, project44 has been transforming the way one of the largest, most important global industries does business. As transportation and logistics continues to evolve and customer expectations around delivery become more demanding, industry technology must rise to the occasion. In just a few short years, we’ve created a digital infrastructure that eliminates the inefficiencies caused by dated technology and manual processes. Our Advanced Visibility Platform is used by the world’s leading brands to track shipments, collaborate with supply chain partners, drive operational efficiencies, and create outstanding customer experiences. 

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