The Foundational Studies of the Children's House Lead Guide Training is now open for enrollment!

The Children's House Foundational Studies is the first section of our training and development program and serves as an orientation to the principles and pedagogy needed to work with children from ages three to six in a Montessori environment.   

This course is the first component requirement to earn a MACTE accredited Montessori Teacher Certification Diploma in the Children's House ages. During this course, you will learn more about how to sign up for the remaining components. 

Full Diploma Course Requirements 
The Children's House Lead Guide Training is a 1 to 2-year program, depending on the intensity of study that you choose. The overall program structure consists of the following Studies Components: 
Foundational Studies: 

  • Intensive Course 
  • Targeted Studies 101 
  • Guided Materials Practice 

Continuing Studies: 

  • Coursework: 
    • Micro-observation and Classroom Leadership  
    • Targeted Studies 201  
    • Montessori Theory Seminars  
  • Self-Paced Independent Studies: 
    • Montessori Album Self-Study 
    • Classroom Observation 
    • Practice Teaching 

MACTE In-Residency Studies – Completed in-person at one of our Montessori Teacher Training Centers and may require travel: 

  • Partnering with Parents  
  • Analysis of Movement 
  • About the Child 

Enrollment steps:
1. Please complete the online application below by September 21, 2020.
2. We will send a Recommendation Form to you, to be completed by your Manager or Reference. For those working at a Guidepost Montessori School, we will send this form directly to your Head of School on your behalf.  
3. We will get back to you for follow up or with a decision by September 15, 2020. 
4. Once accepted, training information and instructions will be emailed to you.

Please reach out to the PM team at if you have any questions. 

蒙师公学 TPMI 首届亚太地区 MACTE 认证培训课程申请通道开启!

第1阶段的 0-3 Nido & Toddler 蒙氏理论基础培训将于2020年10月1号正式开课。本阶段培训为全英文线上授课。在完成第1阶段培训后,获得第2阶段及第3阶段培训资格。因疫情影响,培训内容中的第2及第3阶段的后续学习和线下在校学习,目前暂定于12月。如果您不确定自己是否有长期的精力与时间参加为时1-2年的MACTE认证课程培训。仅参与第1阶段培训将不会被允许。




  • 密集课程
  • 目标性学习101
  • 已演示的工作/教具练习


  • 微观察和班级领导力培训
  • 目标性学习201
  • 蒙特梭利方法论研讨


  • 蒙特梭利Album独立学习
  • 课堂观察学习
  • 课堂教学练习

第3阶段:MACTE线下在校学习 (此阶段需要您前往TPMI指定教师培训中心进行)

  • 与家长的沟通交流学习
  • 幼儿动作分析的学习
  • 关于幼儿的学习


  1. 在9月21日之前提交申请表格(包括简历以及成绩单)
  2. 推荐信将会在您表格提交完成后发送至您的邮箱,如果您属于我们Guidepost Montessori 以及 HGE 的一员,我们将会直接把推荐信的链接以邮件的形式发送至您所在园所园长或所属团队负责人。
  3. 在完成申请表格和推荐信后我们将于7个工作日内联系您。
  4. 被录取后,我们将会以邮件的方式,就接下来的具体课程细节与您取得联系。

如果您有任何疑问请联系我们:China Training <>

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