Software Engineer II – Responsible for design and implementation of software features for a
web-based application that allows client companies to survey, evaluate and report on the skills of
present and future employees. Work on a team that uses Agile methodology, where a work unit is
composed of a sprint (work block/unit of time). Participate in refinement for sprints where stories
that describe the work to be done are evaluated in terms of their complexity and detail. Help to
add additional detail and contribute to the estimation of complexity. Select and detail out set of
stories to be worked on for the sprint into individual tasks necessary to complete the story. Create
tasks and update the estimation of the story. Work on stories, implement, test, and ensure that
they meet the required quality standards and are delivered to production on time. Verify that the
feature respective to the story implemented, is operating properly in production. Throughout the
sprint, participate in daily standup meetings and report progress and any blockers that occur. At
the end of the sprint, participate in the sprint retrospective where each team member discusses
what went well and what can be improved. Prioritize and fix defects in the Predictive Index
software, determined by the team lead and product manager. Implement fixes to defects and add
tests to ensure that the fix is validated in an automated manner going forward. Review the
software that is developed and written by different team members, and help ensure the quality and
standards are met. Review and provide feedback to ensure that defects are captured and resolved
before the feature is deployed to production for customer use. Ensure that the software meets the
company’s quality and coding standards. Ensure that sub-optimal approaches to meet time
constraints are refactored so they can be properly supported and extended in the future.
Contribute to the design and implementation of the improvements of the Predictive Index
software. Contribute to the improvement of the software, ensuring its ability to scale, have
multiple teams work on the software effectively, and support a large number of features to be
added to the product with ease. Mentor junior engineers in best practices consistent with software
development, predictive index domain knowledge.

Position located in Westwood, MA. Remote work benefit available from anywhere in the United

Requirements include a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Computer Science, Software
Engineering or related field and three years of work experience in the job offered or related field
of front-end, web-based software engineering.
Must have at least three years of experience with front-end development skills in at least one of
the following areas: JavaScript, Angular, React, TypeScript, CSS, HTML. Must have at least
three years of experience with back-end development skills in at least one of the following areas:
C#, Java, C++, SQL, Python, PHP.

Multiple Positions Open.

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