Polychain Labs is a small, senior team of infrastructure engineers powering the largest proof-of-stake operations in the world. We’re often the first participants in new networks and responsible for identifying and protecting key material against novel attacks.  This security engineering role is responsible for leading our efforts to reduce risk as we participate in novel networks, detect intrusions and assist in the design of various cryptographic protections.

Job Responsibilities

  • Detection & Response: Understanding, instrumenting and automatically generating high-signal alerts from production infrastructure events to provide early indicators of compromise.  Planning and rehearsing responses to these alerts to minimize the likelihood they turn into a production incident.
  • Risk Modeling: Sourcing and evaluating risks from a diverse set of perspectives across and external to our team.  Prioritizing security efforts based on these risk assessments.
  • Infrastructure Hardening: Working with infrastructure engineers to design and implement hardened, layered infrastructure.
  • Network Monitoring: Understand and model unique risks to our participation across networks including that of slashing.  Monitor for unsafe conditions and design stronger protections to safeguard our assets.
  • Asset Custody: Protect funds by leveraging the best of custodian and self-custody technology.
  • Code Audit & Review: Help communicate and implement best practices across the engineering team.


  • 2 years experience securing and auditing production, internet connected systems.
  • Has conducted risk assessments and driven risk based decisions that consider business risk and reward.
  • Experience instrumenting infrastructure with a variety of detections that provide high-signal, early indicators of intrusion and dangerous misconfiguration.
  • Working knowledge of cryptographic systems and available protections.
  • Thinks automation-first and repeatedly replaces manual toil with engineering automated systems.


Why Polychain Labs

  • Opportunity to collaborate alongside some of blockchain’s most experienced researchers, engineers, entrepreneurs, and financial experts.
  • Access to the scale and resources needed to power the future of our industry
  • Start-up size with industry-wide impact and autonomy.
  • Competitive salary, flexibility, and fun


Key Technologies:

  • Golang
  • Typescript
  • Rust
  • Terraform
  • Ansible
  • Docker containers
  • Monitoring
  • Nano Ledgers (& HSMs)


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