Polychain Labs is a small, senior team of infrastructure engineers powering the largest proof-of-stake operations in the world.  We’re often the first participants in new networks and help them design and scale for success. Participating in each of these networks requires bespoke and often novel integrations.  This Cryptocurrency Integration Engineering Role is responsible for ensuring new network launches cleanly integrate with our environment including independently monitoring our on-chain participation, detecting anomalous or interesting network operations, allocating rewards amongst our stakeholders and more.

Job Responsibilities

  • Reward Allocation: develop tooling that calculates and attributes network rewards, commission and cost-basis in near-real time, for all validators across all networks that Polychain Labs is operating.
  • Integrating with Kusama, Polkadot, Oasis, Orchid, Fractal, Avalanche, Celo, Coda, NuCypher, DFinity and future networks.
  • Network Monitoring independently monitor the health of Polychain Lab’s validators and the networks that we participate in.  Detect and lead the Response to anomalous operations seen on-chain
  • Collaborating with Polychain Capital’s finance team to accurately report rewards and holdings on a monthly basis. 
  • Network Participation: Work with core development teams to understand and plan for edge cases across our networks.
  • Technologies: AppEngine, GCP, BigQuery.  We prefer Golang and Typescript, but tooling is often best built in the network’s native language.

Stretch Goals

  • Open Source: To the extent tools don’t need to be specific to Polychain, open source as much as possible to accelerate the whole network’s maturation.
  • Network Design: Work with core development teams to better design upcoming networks based on the lessons we’ve learned along the way.
  • Network Opportunities: Develop custom software that can automatically respond to anomalous network conditions to capture additional rewards for our validators.


  • 5+ years experience designing, developing and continuously deploying cloud services
  • Detailed understanding of exciting blockchain system designs
  • Experience building and optimizing cloud-based databases and processing data with analytic pipelines.
  • Understanding of various monitoring systems and experience 
  • Working understanding of proof-of-stake economics

Why Polychain Labs

  • Opportunity to collaborate alongside some of blockchain’s most experienced researchers, engineers, entrepreneurs, and financial experts.
  • Access to the scale and resources needed to power the future of our industry.
  • Start-up size with industry-wide impact and autonomy.
  • Competitive salary, flexibility, and fun

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