Job Title: Full-Stack Mobile Engineer (A6UQN7)

Full-Stack Mobile Engineer position available with Pocket Gems, Inc. in San Francisco, CA. Work on distributed computing systems using Python and the Google App Engine platform to build and optimize Restful APIs for game server. Use SQL(Bigquery) and NoSQL(BigTable, GAE DataStore) to store and query large amounts of data for server applications. Create dynamic, interactive features for web applications by using Javascript, AJAX, and Javascript libraries (jQuery, Angular). Build complex applications for mobile using objective-c, Cocoa, C++, Cocos, and other frameworks. Design and implement code for iOS and Android hardware devices utilizing cross-platform compilation technologies. Design and write performance-optimizing code and features involving processes such as gdb, threading, context switching, and interprocess communication. Create and maintain bridges across language barriers. Debug large and complex ios applications and code bases using Xcode.

Requirements: Master’s degree or foreign equivalent in Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, or a related field and one year of experience in the job offered or a related position.

One year of experience in each of the following skills:
1. Organizational tools, including JIRA and GIT;
2. Coding languages, including HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, and Python;
3. Frameworks, including Object Oriented Programming and MVC;
4. Utilizing Google App Engine to host saved game states and event logging;
5. Optimizing server architecture for minimizing latency and maximizing bandwidth;
6. Debugging code utilizing print and trace statements;
7. Optimizing memory management utilizing caching systems;
8. Developing 3D graphics and particle FX libraries using OpenGL.
All experience may be acquired concurrently.

To apply, please send a resume to: Pocket Gems, Inc., Attn.: A. Horn, 220 Montgomery Street, Suite 750, San Francisco, CA 94104. Must respond with job requisition number A6UQN7.


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