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Software engineers are the best customers! They are pretty passionate, and when they love a product, they do love a product.
Software engineers are the worst customers! They are pretty passionate, and they are oh so good at roasting any product flaws.
Software engineers are the best customers! When they give you feedback on a product, they know what you need from it — it’s almost as if you get user stories served for you.
Software engineers are the worst customers! They know too much about your work, so they’ll come in with solutions instead of user input 🙈
Should we go on? Software engineers are indeed special customers.

If all this hits close to home, then our role might click for you. The way we see it — you’ve switched from software engineering to product management and have worked in that capacity on engineer-oriented products (internal or external). And, hopefully, the prospect of taking ownership of the entire engineering experience at Pleo from a product perspective sounds like an exciting next step for you!

So, what goes into the equation?
Site Reliability and Quality Engineering teams in the Engineering Productivity domain that you will join. More teams are coming soon.
86 engineers in the org and rapidly growing.
We could drop a lot of buzzwords about our tech, but the important thing is that we use something that works and that we enjoy working with. Most of our internal tools are bleeding edge - for good and bad.
Pretty cool Engineering Manager that will be your main peer (at least he says he’s cool and fun to work with 🤷, and I agree).
The overall goal of bringing a PM mindset to the whole Engineering Productivity space.
And our commitment to researching and trying new stuff in this space with you at the helm.

This will work for you if you

  • Have been a hands-on software engineer and have a full grasp of the development life-cycle from design to maintenance and back
  • Have seen how engineering productivity/efficiency can work within an org and are excited about what value it can bring
  • See all engineering teams as product teams (there is always a customer)
  • Like to see people use your product and take in their feedback first-person since they are your colleagues
  • Know how to work with short iteration loops as you’ll have your end-users right next to you 😀

Your colleagues say

  • You are entrepreneurial - and have a lot of light bulb moments 💡
  • You are easy to work with and a person they would also enjoy having a coffee with (virtual or not)
  • You know that for a product team to really succeed, they need to be fully empowered
  • You don’t mind challenging the status quo and you’re good at zooming in on the details while not losing sight of the holistic view
  • You can't stop talking about product
  • You listen to feedback but you can also drive your own agenda
  • You can work and produce great results independently and in a team

Your mom says

  • You know way too much about everything
  • You played with Lego as a kid and built things
  • You always ask why
  • You probably work in IT (moms)

And here are some nice gestures that we do

  • You get your own Pleo card, which means full autonomy and no out-of-pocket spending
  • Ability to work remotely (anywhere between east coast of the Americas to European timezones)…
  • …or onsite if you want to (Copenhagen, London, Berlin, Stockholm, Madrid, Montreal)
  • Catered lunch in our offices
  • 25 days of annual holidays, on top of the standardised festive and bank-related ones, of course
  • Great parental leave: 100% paid, 24 weeks for mums & 8 weeks for dads
  • Loads of weird and wonderful niche communities to join in the company
  • Once a quarter – in any normal year – our entire company gets together at a team camp.
  • Continual learning and development opportunities
  • Wild enthusiasm and encouragement from us if you want to host MeetUps, events, etc - we'll help (venue, food etc)

Working at Pleo means you're working on something very exciting: the future of work. Through fintech we've seen a way to impact how people work; we think company spending should be delegated to all employees and teams, that it should be as automated as possible, and that it should drive a culture of responsible spending. Based on some pretty amazing Series C-round investment in 2021 we think we're onto something big.

So, in a nutshell, that's Pleo. Today we are a 340+ team, from over 48 nations, sitting in our Copenhagen HQ, London, Stockholm, Berlin, Madrid, or Montreal offices – and quite a few full-time remotes in 16 other countries! Being HQ'd out of Copenhagen means we're inspired by sensible things like a good work-life balance. If you don't work in the office with us we'll help you get up the best remote setup possible, and will fly you in once a quarter for team camps.

Things to look up about us

Sometimes, we win awards 🤩 🏆
If you want to know how we hire company-wide, there's a post on our blog.
Or have a sneak peek into what happens when get together for Pleo Team Camp on our YouTube 👈🏾
Check out what we think about the realities of working remotely on our blog.
No one says it quite like our customers. Hear what they have to say this week on Trustpilot.
Also, check out Glassdoor if you'd like to hear about us from other people.

PS. we treat all candidates equally: If you are interested please apply through our application system - any correspondence should come from there! Our lovely support isn't able to pass on any calls/ emails our way - and this makes sure that the candidate experience is smooth and fair to everyone 🙂

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