About Plato Design

Plato helps companies become more valuable through design. We’re building technology that disrupts the design agency model by being able to scale the number of projects we work on at the same time beyond that of any agency that’s ever existed. We think this is important because it’s letting us offer the service quality of a big agency at a cost that’s less than a single freelancer.

You’ll enjoy working at Plato if you like:

  • knowing your users and solving real problems for them
  • handling an onslaught of clients, which grows substantially every month
  • learning about design, and how to systematize delivering it to many clients
  • automating tedious tasks, and seeing users’ delight when you solve their problems
  • remote culture and deep work, where work-life balance is a first-class citizen

Join us on a unique journey to help build a completely different type of design firm. Plato is backed by Y Combinator and some of Silicon Valley's best investors.

What we’re building

Plato’s engineering team focuses on managing the complex flow of tasks, assets, and data between clients, creatives, and Plato agency staff, leveraging a workflow system to encode the processes for each types of design projects.

We strive to:

  • enable our clients to request new design projects and provide feedback
  • let creatives in our network submit work and iterate
  • empower our agency team to oversee many projects with minimal coordination overhead

Your Responsibilities

  • designing and building our core workflow engine
  • integrating or replacing the software tools used for managing agency processes
  • instrumenting and measuring efficiency metrics to help understand agency capacity
  • discovering and proposing optimizations to the agency team’s workflows

Your Working Style

Strong Written Communication Skills: Plato is a remote-first team. In order to work effectively as a distributed team, it’s important to capture our thinking in a way that’s useful for asynchronous collaborators. - note about cover letters being required?

Productive Laziness: Plato’s goal is to scale beyond what other agencies have been able to accomplish. This involves relentlessly chasing down mundane tasks that can be automated, in order to free up creative thinkers to do what they do best. Successful Plato engineers will have found ways to automate their personal tasks or engineering workflows and enjoy analyzing existing processes and looking for optimizations.

Empathy for Users and Colleagues: We believe that engineers who genuinely care about their colleagues and users will be more effective in spotting potential improvements and in prioritizing tactical fixes that help users alongside the team’s core engineering work.

Your Background

>= 5 years Web Development Experience: We are looking for engineers who can take ownership of large parts of our architecture. This requires thoughtful tradeoffs such as when to incur technical debt vs when to engineer something more robustly. We believe this kind of skill is earned through a track record of building and owning substantial systems.

JS/React and Python: Though we use a Python/Django API backend with a React frontend, we believe that candidates with the right attitude and a willingness to learn are more likely to succeed than those with resumes that happen to contain the exact list of technologies we work with. This was our policy at the last company we founded (URX YC S’13), and lifelong learning is a core part of our engineering culture.

System Architecture: Independent of the tech stack, it’s important to understand various options for integrating a multi-component system through queues, databases, micro services, etc.

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