The Problem

Relational databases are awesome. They support foreign keys, transactions and SQL. They are powerful, well-understood, well-supported and battle hardened. But because they support the powerful SQL, it is easy for an unexperienced developer to write a query that brings the whole database down. They also do not scale beyond a single node.

What if there was a way to keep all the advantages of a relational database, but have the ability to horizontally scale them like a NoSQL system? What if there was a system that provided guardrails that protected databases from toxic queries? What if all this could be achieved with minimal changes to your application while letting it view your sharded MySQL cluster as a giant monolithic database?

The Solution

The year was 2010 and two early engineers at Youtube were contemplating these problems. They built the open source system Vitess to solve them. Over the years, as Youtube databases moved from proprietary hardware to Google’s internal cloud (Borg), it acquired all the features a distributed system needs to work well with ephemeral instances in cloud - excellent observability, robust service discovery, and a solid master failover story. In 2015, Vitess was discovered by companies outside Youtube and now companies such as Slack, Square (Cash), depend on Vitess for scaling and serving their relational data.

At PlanetScale, we help businesses solve their relational data scaling problems by deploying and operationalizing Vitess clusters on premise as well as in cloud. We provide PlanetScale Deployment Platform that automates the deployment and management of Vitess clusters. We also plan to build a cloud-agnostic (AWS, GCP, Azure) DbaaS solution based on Vitess.

About You

You are all about solutions. When shown a problem, you can't stop until its fixed. You sit at the nexus of customers and product, technical enough to find a solution for the problem, and capable of helping others understand it. Since you have been doing this for a while, you know how to pull complex requirements out of a list of problems. You know how businesses use their data, what they need to get out of it, and how they build systems to use it. You have also figured out what customers are concerned with, and you know the problems that can be fixed with duct tape and the problems that require a full solution. Most of all you are driven to see customers succeed; it's not about getting a contract signed, it's about getting the project launched successfully.

What You Will Be Doing

PlanetScale’s goal is to make it a breeze to deploy and operate Vitess/MySQL clusters on premise as well as in cloud. Your job is to help customers go from having identified a problem to deploying the solution. You will work with our largest customers to tailor demo's, PoC's, and initial solutions to their problems, and help them understand how PlanetScale can solve their specific problems. You will be

  • Gathering requirements along with our Account Managers
  • Developing and giving demo's of PlanetScale software for customers and within the community
  • Supporting early customers and creating the processes that will make them successful
  • Providing feedback to the PlanetScale team about what the market is talking about

What Will Help You Be Successful

  • Pragmatic approach towards tackling unforeseen challenges
  • Strong Networking Background
  • Experience with MySQL and SQL
  • Strong ability to communicate
  • Full-Stack programming experience
  • Knowledge of common Application deployment platforms
  • Experience building for and deploying applications on Kubernetes using cloud native technologies

Perks At PlanetScale

  • Work closely with a cross functional team of highly motivated and intelligent folks with a unique range of startup and enterprise experience
  • Vibrant company culture with frequent team building events
  • 20% time for working on projects at company not related to your expertise
  • Competitive salary with stock options
  • Benefits & 401k plan option
  • Fully paid parking pass or CalTrain pass
  • Unlimited in-house snacks & drinks
  • Unlimited vacation

About Us

Founded in 2018, PlanetScale helps businesses solve their relational data scaling problems by deploying and operationalizing Vitess clusters on premise as well as in cloud. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, CA, and is backed by SignalFire. PlanetScale has an experienced team from innovative companies like Paypal, Google, Youtube, Dropbox and SevOne. To learn more about PlanetScale, visit

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