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Pilot has significant traction with startups and technology companies. We deeply understand these customers and have built a product that startups know and love. However, the vision for Pilot is not to be the financial back office for startups, it’s to be the financial back office for every company. We believe the best way to do this is by expanding one vertical at a time because verticals have different buyer behavior, go-to-market motions, product needs, and willingness to pay. 
Our hypothesis is that the next big vertical for Pilot is eCommerce. We believe this for a few reasons:
  • Large market
    • There are hundreds of thousands of eCommerce companies and the sector is growing quickly (even faster with COVID). 
  • Unique problems
    • eCommerce customers have unique problems around managing multiple platforms (Shopify, Amazon, etc.), inventory management, and cash flow. 
However, eCommerce is just a hypothesis. The next vertical could be professional services, restaurants, etc. 
We’re looking for someone to be the General Manager of our new verticals effort at Pilot. This person would report directly to the executive team and have broad authority over sales, marketing, and product. The purpose of this role is to identify the next vertical for Pilot’s expansion and to reconfigure the whole Pilot machine (sales, marketing, product, operations, etc.) to build something that customers want and support significant revenue growth in the next 3-4 quarters.
This person must be able to take on a diverse set of work in a self-starting manner. The role will involve joining sales calls, sketching out marketing collateral, getting involved in the product roadmap, and doing whatever is necessary to make this initiative work. Once the initiative is working, the next job is to build a playbook for expansion that the company can execute on to expand our target market. 
The ideal candidate would be someone like an ex-founder or a director+ at a startup. The role will be highly cross functional with broad latitude to make changes to Pilot to support this effort. This person will own a revenue number at the company level and will be a frequent contributor to the executive team. 


  • Extremely hands on. You're willing to do the work yourself and get things done.
  • This role is a combination of customer research, marketing, sales, and product management. You are capable in all of these fields and excited to have a truly cross-functional role.
  • Experience in one or more of the following fields: founder, product marketing, product management, new product development.
  • 5+ years of experience. This number is flexible - it's not about your years of experience as much as what that experience is.
  • (Ideal but not required) A background with eCommerce

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