What we’re looking for

Pilot is looking for experienced product designers to help us automate bookkeeping for small businesses. We're ideally looking for someone with the following profile:
  • Has worked professionally as a designer, ideally in a fast growing startup
  • Experience with product design for a user who doesn’t think like them
  • Focused on the customer and believes that design exists to solve problems for real people
  • Connected to the design network and excited to help us recruit future designers
  • Interested in doing primarily product design with a splash of everything else
  • Excited to work with an experienced and mature team
  • Minimum 4 years professional design experience


What we’re building

Every company needs to keep track of its finances, and most hire a bookkeeping firm to do so. But there's no Stripe, Gusto, or Google Apps of this world—no clear best-in-class bookkeeping firm that everyone uses because it delivers a service of unmatched quality and integrates with the tools and workflows to run your business as it grows. Nobody starts a restaurant because they want to do their books so it’s a huge pain for small business owners. 
Pilot is changing that, by using software to automate as much of the heavy-lifting as possible and giving those software superpowers to a team of finance experts to provide a bookkeeping service of unparalleled quality and customer service. 

The team

We are 75 people today and have a charming office in San Francisco close to the Montgomery Street BART stop. We have great benefits and believe in work/life balance.
Our seasoned founding team has led companies through two prior successful startups and acquisitions (by Oracle and Dropbox).

Our Investors

We’ve raised a $40M Series B financing led by Index Ventures. The company’s investors include a long-list of world-class entrepreneurs, including Patrick and John Collison, Drew Houston, Diane Greene, Frederic Kerrest, Hans Robertson, Adam D’Angelo, Paul English, Howard Lerman, Joshua Reeves, Tien Tzuo, and many other folks that it’s a privilege to have involved.

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