What we’re building

Pilot is a tech company building the bookkeeping firm you wish existed. We deliver books and a customer experience of unparalleled quality by automating the boring stuff and equipping a team of finance experts with software superpowers to deftly handle the rest.

The role

The #1 thing customers love about Pilot is how much we value, prioritize, and celebrate providing a customer support experience of unparalleled quality.

Our Customer Support specialists work with a team of finance experts to deliver high-quality bookkeeping at scale, including asking and answering questions about a customer's books and business needs to ensure that they have accurate books to run their business effectively.

The majority of our customer communication happens via email, although we aren't shy about picking up the phone if that's the best way to get a complicated question answered efficiently.

In a nutshell, Customer Support specialists:

  • Delight customers with expert guidance and support
  • Define and evolve our support processes as we take on customers with new needs in new verticals
  • Partner with engineering on support automation

Role requirements:

  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • A love of problem solving and making teams and processes more efficient
  • Delight in providing an exceptional customer experience

No accounting experience is required.

The team

Pilot is ecstatic to be opening an office in Nashville, the hometown of one of our founders!

The company is 75 people today, and growing. Our other office is in San Francisco.

We like to think of ourselves as all of the good parts of a startup, without the downsides. We're a tight-knit team of smart, friendly people solving problems together with minimal bureaucratic overhead. But this is also the third company for this founding team, and we know how to build sustainable teams by investing in great benefits, professional development, great managers, and work/life balance.


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