5 years ago, Piktochart installed its first product managers. Since then, the organization has experimented with various roles and responsibilities of the PM role as well as team structure. Today, we are adopting a Scrum format - where the PM is a PO, in charge of primarily prioritizing backlog and the product strategy. The mission of the Head of Product is to enable Piktochart to build products that are enjoyable, indispensable (solve real pains) and innovative via a thorough understanding of our users and market, as well as ensuring that we ship in a timely manner.


About you

You have led product teams for startups that have a similar profile to us (SAAS/bootstrapped/ semi-distributed). You have shown how you support business outcomes through a cohesive product strategy. You work well with the other teams to achieve the business objective. 

There are 4 broad mindsets that you will possess to translate into tangible outcomes at Piktochart:


  • Excellence is Imperative in SAAS products, not a buzzword. 

You understand that in order to succeed, a mediocre product will not be able to cut it in this day and age. You are a person who loves to work together with other teams to increase the value that we are providing to the users and to ensure that we are competitively positioned as an innovative tool; that is, constantly adding incremental value. You have an acute sense of what’s needed and what customers would love because you interact with them in one way or another. 


  • Innovation and Speed are Planned Outcomes.


You prioritize production over perfection but you also clearly know that the line to ship is getting higher every day. You are a supporter and practitioner of Agile principles. You have found what works/not and can fine-tune principles/processes about research, validation and  prioritization to ensure that the organization can innovate at an enviable speed. You understand the fine balance between gut feeling and data and will not hesitate to build business cases and interpret results from a/b tests.


  • Leadership is not a Position or a Title, it is Action and Example

You inspire and build trust easily, understanding that it is not possible to achieve an outcome by brute dictatorship. You communicate clearly and frequently, helping others to gain trust as you clearly articulate the team’s thought process and how we arrived at the decision. You understand the importance of marketing, both externally to our customers and getting the developers excited about the project that they are building. You are a steward of the HOPEFUL values.


  • Planning is Indispensable

You roll up your sleeves to understand the space that we are in - from the competitors, to market trends, metrics and product data, as well as qualitative information by the users. You are comfortable that we will never have 100% perfect data and you map out the strategy of the product according to the business goals. You thrive in healthy debates, working together with a bright group of leaders (Marketing, UX, Talent, Engineering, CEO) to help set the company’s strategic direction, defining and articulating new opportunities. 

You are someone who enjoys working with people, have led product teams before (preferably SAAS), and are excited to put the company in a position that will succeed. You will report directly to the CEO and will contribute to a great product culture by managing, coaching and developing our product (4 POs) and data teams (1 member). This position is remote, but you must be based in Asia or Europe.


Who are we?

We are transforming the visual storytelling space by delivering an effortless user experience in creating beautiful, professional grade visuals. By pushing the limits of what’s possible in technology and taking time to understand our users, Piktochart has empowered over 10 million users worldwide to visually communicate in ways that were not possible before!

The team that is behind Piktochart consists of 14 nationalities spread across 8 countries. Pair programming, mentorship, code reviews and group learning all form part of our daily lives and we consider it a privilege to continuously learn. The HOPEFUL values define our culture and inform our actions and decisions.

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